Exploring Ghost Towns of the Candelaria Hills

Every year, we head up to Lake Tahoe where we spend a better part of the summer hiking and wheeling the myriad of awesome trails they have up there. On our way up this year, we decided to take a slight detour up U.S. Route 6, head up and over the White Mountains and explore some of the cool ghost towns of the Candelaria Hills which are located along the western edge of Nevada. To see a photo essay of our trip that I wrote over on www.JK-Forum.com, simply click on the link below:

Exploring Ghost Towns of the Candelaria Hills

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  1. Excellent…..here in the UK we can only imagine what these places are like…you guys make it come alive….well sort of alive for a ghost town heh heh…..started my own business building and selling windsurf trailers to raise some cash to buy my next Wrangler, its a sideline to my main career. So hope to join you dudes on the trail one day. Till then keeping the shiny side up and four on the floor yeeeeeehah. Simon.

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