Death Valley Wildflowers & More Expedition 2014

A few weeks back, I had read in a local paper that there was a decent wildflower showing going on in parts of Death Valley and this in spite of the fact that California is suffering from one of the worst droughts in 15 years! Needless to say, this was something Cindy and I had to see and fortunately for us, it was something that our good friends Moochie, Doug, Joshua, Tony and Stephanie and Ray, his father and brother would all get to see with us as well.

After meeting up with everyone in Big Pine, we headed out bright and early out to the Eureka Sand Dunes where there had been reports of Dune Primrose were in full bloom along with Apricot Mallows, Desert dandelions and an assortment of other flowers as well. From there, we made our way through Steel Pass, traversed the Saline Valley, worked our way up to the Lippencott Mine, set up camp and then spent some time exploring the Race Track playa. The following morning, we made a stop over at Tea Kettle Junction, climbed to the top of Hunter Mountain, left the park through Lee Flat and then made a final stop over at China Springs before heading home. Below are some of the photos we took along the way and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Death Valley Wildflowers & More Expedition 2014

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