SEMA 2006 – Day 3

SEMA 2006 - Day 3

SEMA - Rubicon Express JKMan am I ever exhausted!  Okay, it’s Day 3 at SEMA 2006 and I’m pretty sure I’ve found and taken photographs of just about every single Jeep JK Wrangler there is here at the show.  In fact, for those of you who haven’t been checking on a regular basis, I’ve just uploaded another 60 or so photos into the Day 2 gallery this morning and you can see them by clicking on the banner above.

Anyway, now that you all have some pics to drool over, I think I’ll set the camera aside today (for the most part anyway) and spend some more time talking to the individual manufacturers and getting whatever info I can regarding all the new products they’ll be making for the JK.  And, if I have time today, I’ll start posting some specific details and specs for them one product at a time.

Gotta run for now,


  1. Fantastic job! I feel like I am there. Your pictures are by far the best floating around.

    Would love to get specific tire and rim sizes for as many JK’s as you can, so I can get an idea of what looks good.

    PFjeep on JK board.

  2. I wish I was there. Thanks for taking the time to post all the photos. Good luck and thanks again.


    awaiting arrival of jeep green rubicon.

  3. Awesome photos, Eddie. Thank you.
    Regarding photos DSC00539 & 540: that’s a mighty fine steering wheel – any info who makes it/where it might be sold? And is that leather interior?

  4. Thanks guys, getting these pics to you has been my pleasure 🙂

    As far as wheel, tire and whatever specs go, I’ve been spending all day yesterday interviewing manufacturers and will be doing so today as well. I have tons of great info and will be doing a post SEMA Show recap on everything that I’ve seen.

    Andrew – I don’t know the exact make of the steering wheel but I’m pretty sure that it’s just a Skunkworks custom. Also, yes, that is a leather interior you are looking at.

    Jeff – I’ve been talking to the Rancho guys at lenght and have been invited to their facility to get the full low down. I will try to post what I can soon and will most likely follow it up with a thorough press release later on.


  5. Hi Eddie,
    In the photo labeled DSC00519-521, can you tell me where can I purchase exactly the same front bumper with all the attachment?
    Tahk you,

  6. what is being done to compensate the speedo on these jk’s with anything over a 33″ tire. everyone is offering lifts and tires but we still need the speed sensor functions to work

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