TeraFlex Sway Bar Link Quick Disconnects Installation

One of the easiest and single best things you can do to improve the performance of your Jeep JK Wrangler on the trail is to disconnect your front sway bar links. By doing this, you free up your front axle to have a significantly greater range of articulation or what Jeepers often refer to as ‘flex’. And, when you can maintain all four on the floor, you inherently gain more stability and traction, both of which will improve your Jeep’s ability on technical terrain.Now, while disconnecting your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front sway bar links can be done for free just by removing the bolts and nuts securing them to your front axle, it is time consuming, will require some creative thinking to keep it strapped out of the way and can be quite difficult to reattach at the end of the day. Needless to say, if you’re someone who wheels often enough to know how much of a pain this can be, I would highly recommend that you pick up a set of TeraFlex Sway Bar Quick Disconnects.

Affordable, quick and easy to use, the TeraFlex Sway Bar Quick Disconnects can be installed in about half an hour using basic tools and requires no drilling or other modifications to your Jeep. And, one of the features that really make these sway bar discos a cut above the rest is the inclusion of innovative pins that allow you to rotate your sway bar links up, out of the way and stored up against the frame rails and without the need for any bungee cords.

What You Will Need

• 18,19mm,9/16,11/16,3/4″
Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• 3″ Ratchet Drive Extension
• Pry Bar 

What You Will Get

(2) Sway Bar Links
(2) Storage Mount Brackets
(2) Storage Mount Pins
(2) Axle Mount Pins
(2) Storage Mount Jam Nuts
(2) Axle Mount Nylock Nuts
(2) Small Washers
(2) Large Washers
(2) Cotter Pins



This is a pic of all the things you will get with your new TeraFlex sway bar link quick disconnects. Be sure to verify that you have everything before you begin this project.
1. Park your Jeep JK Wrangler on a level surface. Using an 18mm socket and wrench, remove the bolts and nuts securing your front sway bar links to the lower axle mounts. Then, slip a 19mm wrench in between the sway bar link and sway bar itself and hold the ball joint stud in place while removing the nut securing it in place with 18mm wrench. At this point, you can completely remove the links from the sway bar itself.
2. To begin the installation of your new TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnects, remove the nuts securing your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front 2 body mounts to the frame using an 18mm socket.
3. Slip the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect storage pin mounting bracket up on to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s body mount stud with the flange facing outward as shown in this pic and then secure it in place with the factory nut.
4. Place a small pry bar in between your Jeep JK Wrangler’s body mount frame bracket and the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect storage pin to prevent it from rotating and then tighten up the body mount nut using an 18mm socket and a 3″ extension.
5. Install the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect storage pin onto the storage pin mount. Then, install the accompanying jam nut on to the back of the pin just finger tight for now. 6. Using a 9/16″ wrench, tighten the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect storage pin to the mount. 7. Again, using a 9/16″ wrench, tighten the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect storage pin jam nut up against the mount.
8. Using an 18mm socket and wrench, secure your new TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect links on to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s sway bar using the factory axle mount bolt and nut.
9. Slip the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect axle mount pin on to the inside of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s axle mount. Then, slip the provided washer on the threaded end as shown in this pic. 10. Use an 11/16″ wrench to hold the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect axle mount in place. Then, secure it on to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s axle mount with the nyloc nut provided. A 3/4″ socket will be needed for this job. 11. Slip the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect on to the axle mount pin and slip on the washer provided with the kit.
12. Secure the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnect in place on the axle mount pin by inserting the cotter pin provided with the kit through it.
13. Finally, apply a good synthetic grease to the zerk nipples on both ends of the TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnects using a grease gun as shown in this pic.

How to Use

1. When you’re ready to use your new TeraFlex sway bar quick disconnects, simply remove the cotter pin securing the links on to the axle mount pins.
2. Remove the washer and TeraFlex sway bar disconnect links from the axle mount pins. Then, rotate your sway bar up and attach your disconnect links on to the storage mount pins as shown in this pic.
3. Slip the washer you removed from the axle mount pin on to the storage mount pin and then secure everything in place by inserting the cotter pin through the storage mount pin.

Finished Photos


That’s it, you’re done. Your Jeep JK Wrangler is now equipped with a great sway bar link quick disconnect that’s super easy to use.Please let me know if you have any questions.




  1. Hey Eddie,

    Since my Rubicon already has a factory sway bar disconnect, is there any value in moving to an aftermarket disconnect?


  2. Hi, This might be a stupid question but I’m a newbie…I have an 08 JK Unltd Rubi and just had the OME 2.5″ suspension added for a bit of lift for the extra weight of bumpers, winch, gear, etc. I had the dealer install the suspension. They had me order longer break lines which was fine. The question is this: the dealer said that I needed extended sway bar links…after reading a little about this (and from the recommendation of a distributor) I purchased the Teraflex Quick Disconnect for 0-3″lift. This was for the rear and I was going to have the rear moved to the front. The mechanic said this wouldn’t work however, the person I bought the parts from said it does fit. HELP! What are your suggestions and…do I even need this with the Swaybar Disconnect feature of the Rubicon?? Thanks for helping out a newbie!!! DrJeepStr

  3. Okay, I think your problem is that you got “disconnects” and not just extended links. You need just extended links as disconnects are intended for the front only.

  4. Just wondering if you plan on doing a write up on the Teraflex S/T Sway Bar System as they have one for the JK.?
    The disconnects that came with the Fulltraction kit are a pain to use:( i was going to get JKS or Teraflex disconnects as there operation with the side mounting pins are easyer to use, but when i discovered the S/T Swaybar i thought what a brilliant Idea:)

  5. Help,
    I ordered a set of these from Quadratec about 6 months ago and I am finally able to install them. I have returned from Iraq on R&R and found that one of the Zerk fittings is broken. I am in the Army, stationed in Germany, and I am having trouble finding a store that even sells them over here. I don’t have much time, so I want to order some online, but I see that there is a bunch of sizes. Help me out please. Thanks in advance!

  6. Teraflex also have a ‘DUEL RATE’ swaybay which looks the best of the lot, limiting body roll off road in steep camber situations but still allowing full articulation is a good thing.

    Greg sorry to hear your missing a Zerk fitting and yep they come in a lot of different styles n threads. When ever i need one i always try and take a sample to the shop, failing that you can buy a kit which has all the styles, bit of a bugger when you only want one i suppose. hope Eddie gets back to you soon

  7. mal, so far as i know, the teraflex s/t swaybar isn’t actually out yet. but, once it is, yes, i will most likely do some kind of review on it.

    greg, please contact joe at teraflex and i’m sure he will be able to help you out. over on jk-forum.com, you can pm ‘teraflex’ as that is his user name there.


  8. WOL:

    I just installed the body mount brakets and the bolts on my 08 JK are 19mm and not 18mm as you found on yours. Not a big deal, just figured I’d mention it.
    Thanks for a great write up as it is much more detailed than the directions supplied by TeraFlex.

  9. I am looking for After Market Drive Line Disconnect for a Ford Ranger (2005 ), extended cab , long bed ,Aluminum drive shaft .Can you direct me to anybody who may help ? Thanks Gordon

  10. hi i have a sahara jk, i wanto to buy the discconects for the sway bar, do you recomend me the teraflex or the JKS?

    thanks mike

  11. if you still stock, i would get the JKS as you can get it in a stock application and it is adjustable so that if you install a small lift, you can still use them. if you are already lifted and at least 3″ or more, the teraflex links will work just as well but, they are not adjustable and not for a stock applicatoin.

  12. I have a JK Sahara with no lift and the tires that came with it (Duelers.) These were the first disconnects that came out so I bought them.
    A couple of cautions: The position of sway bar in the disconnected mode allows the tire to rub the top link bolt and will cause severe tire damage, no matter what position you install the bolt. Although there is more clearance with the threads toward the middle of the vehicle, tire damage will still occur if the steering wheel is turned too far during articulation. I have damaged one tire and a friend has damaged three (thank goodness for tire warantees!)
    The grease fittings are in an awkward position for lubing and the ones on the top will be damaged and break off. That’s not good because it is important to keep these links lubed or the bushings will eventually crack.
    I have also put a slight bend in one of my disconnects while it was connected and had to hammer it back out.
    I am currently looking for a replacment set since there are now more options out there. I couldn’t find replacement fittings before my bushings cracked.
    I would look for discos that had a way to position the swaybar securely where it could not damage the tire while disconnected; easy access to lubrication fittings (if not permanently lubed); beefier construction.
    For now, my swaybar is disconnected without any attached linkage, and is secured with stainless steel zip ties up as far as it will go. The ride isn’t drastically different but I am searching for another pair of discos.
    I would not buy or recommend the Teraflex discos.

  13. Just a question if this is common or not I hot a 07 jk u with a 3.5 rustys kit when I disconnect it looks and sounds at full flex that the coils rub the fram. Yes I have adjustable track bars yes the seemingly are adjusted properly ( everything seems to be spaced evenly by eye atleast). Just wondering of this is a common thing with certain jk kits as I have herd from a few people in the trails

  14. more than likely, you coils are rubbing the sway bar on the driver side and bump stop tower or extension on the passenger side. yes, this is common if you have too much caster.

  15. The installation instructions state “if there is a bushing in the link make sure to press it out before installing it on to pin”. Pardon my lack of technical knowledge, but I expect the bushing is the silver metal center. If I am correct, these don’t seem to want to come out – is there a tool or technique to remove them?

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