TeraFlex Quick Disconnect
JK Mud Flaps Installation Write-Up

For those of you who don’t know me, my white Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is currently sitting on top of exceptionally large 40×15.50 Toyo Mud Terrain Tires. And, after having been pulled over twice for not having any mud flaps (a requirement here in the state of California), the 2nd time resulting in a fix-it ticket, I realized that something needed to be done. Obviously, installing a set of mud flaps was the answer but from what I have personally seen on other rigs wearing a set, off-roading with them on will get them torn off in a hurry. What I needed was a set of mud flaps that could be worn on pavement and removed quickly when I was ready to hit the trail and fortuantely, TeraFlex makes exactly what I needed.The TeraFlex Quick Disconnect Mud Flap kit
is very affordable and for the most part, installs with ease. The only issue I had with this kit is that the JK already has pre-existing bolts on the frame rails right where it would be optimal to install the brackets provided. So, for my purposes, I just reamed out the mounting holes on the brackets so that I could mount them using the existing bolts. Below are instructions as to what I did and I hope they are helpful to you.

What you will need

• 16mm Socket
• 7/16″ Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• Hand Drill
• Unibit or 7/16″ Metal Drill Bit
• Dremel
• Metal Cutting Bit
• Bench Vice 



This is a shot of everything you will get with your new TeraFlex Quick Disconnect Mud Flap Kit. As you can see, you will get mud flaps, mounting brackets, mounting bars and installation hardware.
1. Using a 16mm socket, remove the two factory bolts securing your Jeep JK Wrangler’s rear bumper to the frame rails. 2. Place one of the TeraFlex Mud Flap mounting brackets in a bench vice and then, using a Unibit or 7/16″ metal drill bit, drill out 2 of the existing holes on one side as shown in this pic. 3. Using a Dremel and metal cutting bit, ellongate the lower mounting hole until there is enough room to allow it to be mounted to the existing holes on your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails. Repeat this step on the other bracket but making sure to drill out and ellongate the opposite holes.
4. Install your TeraFlex Mud Flap mounting brackets to the existing holes on your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails using the factory bolts. A 16mm socket will be needed for this job. 5. Place the flat aluminum clamp bars on front and on top of the rubber mud flaps and use it as a guide to mark where the bolts will go through it. 6. Remove the aluminum clamp bars and drill small holes through the rubber mud flap where you had marked it in step #5.
7. Place the aluminum clamp bars back on front and on top of the rubber mud flaps and insert the provided washer and bolts through the mounting holes as shown.
8. Attach the assembled aluminum clamp bar, mud flaps and fasteners onto the ends of the aluminum square tubes as shown. Use the nylock nuts provided to secure everything in place. A 7/16″ wrench and socket or 11mm wrench will be needed for this job.
9. Insert the square plastic plugs into the ends of the aluminum square tubes to cap it off. A hammer may be needed to get these tapped all the way in.
10. Insert the assembled aluminum square tube with mud flaps attached to the mounting brackets attached to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails.
11. Secure the assembled aluminum square tube with mud flaps attached to the mounting brackets using the quick release clevis pins provided with the kit.

And that’s all there is to it. You now have a Jeep with BIG tires that is legal to drive in a state like California. And, when you’re ready to hit the trails, the flaps are ready to come off with ease.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Installed Photos

To see more photos of the TeraFlex Quick Disconnect Mud Flaps, click on the link below:TeraFlex Quick Disconnect
Mud Flap Photo Gallery


  1. Missing a “Teraflex” red logo or something like that IMO.. I’m not a big fan of the look but we dont have too much choice and the “quick disconnect” is a great thing. it’s the way to go for those who NEED it I guess.

  2. Just received my first fix it ticket, the same day as my neighbor by the same CHP woman officer…. we live in Yuma and just a half mile into Calif we were stopped. I just placed my order for the tereflex flaps.. Thanks a ton, the timing could not have been better.. On my way to Moab with new Project JK sitckers…


  3. I will be looking into flaps as well. Good idea as I live in Nor-Cal. Did the cops give you any trouble for the front tires as well being just as exposed or just the back?

  4. i only got grief for the rears. this isn’t the first time i’ve been pulled over for not having mudflaps. over the years, i’ve had this problem with all my jeeps and have had to come up with similar solutions for them.

  5. Those 18×12 mud flaps on 40×15.5 tires is like putting a band aid on a Great White bite. Hopefully you don’t run into any officers who know the true laws about mud flap coverage vs. vehicle height because you may be looking at another ticket and a wasted purchase. But this is a great start for some DIY mechanics to get some ideas.

  6. Robert: Then I guess we can simply use the quick-disco hardware and use another / bigger mud flap to keep the disco’s capability.. It seem to be a standard aftermarket mudflap brand in those pics.

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