TECH TIP : Jeep JK Wrangler Headlight Adjustment

If you’ve just installed a new set of headlights or, maybe even a taller suspension lift, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to make an adjustment to your headlight beams. Certainly, you don’t want to be blinding on-coming traffic and having them positioned properly will help to ensure that the road ahead is illuminated properly. Fortunately, adjusting your headlights is a very simple task, takes just a few minutes and, this TECH TIP will show you how to do it.


  1. Eddie, I always measured from my headlights to the ground. I then used this measurement minus about 3″ to mark on the wall. This way, the lights are adjusted specifically for that vehicle. What do you think? If you always use a fixed measurement, then you actually would be reducing the lighted portion when you lift a vehicle.

  2. while that makes sense, no two lifts are the same and many are actually designed to “level out” a rake – essentially bring up the front end to give your jeep a more level look. in other words, if you were to just lower your lights by 3″, they would still be pointing further out and higher than they were or should be. the 3′ guide is intended to keep your headlights just out in front of you like they were stock, out of the rear view mirror of most sub-compacts and sedans and out of the eyes of on-coming traffic. depending on how tall your jeep is, 3″ down from where you were would most likely still put your lights too high.

  3. I drive a 2007 JK Sport (export model) in Russia.
    This wrie-up does not work for me, since I have an electric headlight leveling. My JK simply doesn’t have such adjusting screw slots.

  4. Decided to do the adjustment myself and thoroughly examined mine headlamps! Now I know how to adjust the headlights on JKs equipped with the electric leveling.
    There are some little white plastic wheels on the headlight block from under the hood. If turn these wheels, the level of the beam changes.

  5. Thanks wayoflife, this works great. After my lift my headlights have been bothering other drivers. I didn’t realize it was so easy to adjust the level of the lights.

  6. I’m about to adjust my lights on the weekend. My question is, if I have a torx bit with a interchangeable driver. If I remove the front grill can I use this type of shrew driver? as I don’t have a stand alone driver.


  7. Excellent article. Many thanks to the author who made it a breeze for me to readjust my headlights. Also, I would like to extend all my apologies to all the folks I glared on the road between Boulder and Moab these last two months.

  8. Thanks for that well written article.
    You actually did a “community service” making our roads safer.
    Good tip about not using the fat driver.

  9. Thanks for this article, a must-read for anyone upgrading their headlights.
    Seems simple and hassle-free to me.

    Mark S.

  10. Will this also work on 2011. I pulled the grill and briefly looked at the lights and it appears the lights are adjusted from behind. I didn’t have much time to fully examine it. Thanks for the assist.

  11. When you do this adjustment are your lights supposed to be on bright or dim? You don’t say in the article. Thanks?

  12. hello, I clicked on here to find out how to level/adjust my headlamps but, there is no description or pictures. Can you please email me the link with the full write up stated at top of page. Only the intro is present without the write up.


  13. My jeep has a aftermarket bull bar and winch and cannot remove grille Easley. the back of the lights have two 8mm screws with a kind of Allen key on top one on either you just turn these clockwise or anti clockwise to raise lights.

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