Jeep JK Wrangler Door Removal

Without a doubt, there really is, only one Jeep. Unlike any other vehicle available today, a Jeep Wrangler is the only one that’s specifically designed to perform exceptionally well off road and right out of the box. Of course, another key feature that makes a Jeep so unique is the fact that above and beyond being a convertable, it’s also purposefully built to have it’s doors removed as well. In this configuration, the Jeep finds its true identity as an individual – it’s not a car, not a van, not a truck and most certianly, not an SUV.If you’re ready to experience your Jeep free of top and doors, this easy to follow write-up will help you to get there.

What you will need

• Torx T-50 Bit
• Ratchet 




  1. Roll down all your windows.  Then, using a Torx T-50 bit, remove the nuts located on the base of each of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s door hinges as shown in this pic.
2. The plug of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front door wiring is located under your dash and is locked in place. In order to remove this plug, you will need to first slide the red locking tab over to the side as shown in this pic. (Photo shows the plug already removed so that you can get a better look at what everything looks like)
3. Press the release tab on the end of the wiring harness plug and then wiggle it side to side while pulling down until it comes free.
4. Pull the strap up off the door strap retaining hook and then, carefully lift your door up and off your Jeep JK Wrangler’s hinges. The front doors can be quite heavy especially if you have automatic windows and locks. Carefully set your door aside and repeat process on the opposite side.
5. If you have a 4-door, slide your front seats all the way forward so that you can open up the access panel located on your Jeep JK Wrangler’s B-Pillar. 6. As before, the wiring harness plug will be locked in place and in order to remove it, you will need to first slide the red locking tab over to the side as shown in this pic. 7. Press the release tab on the end of the wiring harness plug and then wiggle it side to side while pulling down until it comes free.
8. Once the wiring harness has been disconnected, simply pull the door strap up off the door strap hook and then carefully lift your door up and off your Jeep JK Wrangler’s hinges. Carefully set your door aside and repeat process on the opposite side.

And that’s all there is to it, you now have your Jeep JK Wrangler doorless just like it should be!Please let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Great writeup. Three additional tips-
    – people tend to have trouble with the wiring harness clips and end up yanking the crap out of them. Once you’ve moved the red tab across, the clip you need to press in is the narrow black one at the wire end of the harness, and it only needs a minimum of pressure.
    – your writeup includes this, but it’s worth repeating. Always make pulling the door strap off the very last thing you do before taking off the door. Otherwise, if the door is hanging without the strap and someone comes along and opens it with any kind of gusto, a front door will swing all the way around and the mirror will dent your panel work.
    – Lower the windows on all doors before beginning the work. That way you can get your hands in the opening and lift it off that way.

  2. Radio will stay ON 30 sec or shut it down yourself. No big deal. Jeepin’ doorless really worth it.

  3. I like it when I walk away from the JK and the music is still blasting, people constantly tell me that the radio is still on. Really??? I didn’t hear it.

    It is worth taking off everything with any SWB Jeep.

  4. For folks new to this, be sure not to over tighten the hinge pin nuts when you put them back on. The hinge pins snap pretty easily. The list of torque specs here on Project-JK in the Write-ups section says to tighten to 75 in. lbs.

  5. Wiring harnesses are fragile. Take care when pulling them apart to do so by the connector and not the wiring bundle. Also, check the laws in your area about running doorless and your side mirrors. One or both mirrors may be required depending on where you live.

  6. I took my doors off on Tuesday to put the soft doors on. The right door wouldn’t lift off. I used a 2×2 deck rail picket that was lying around to pry it up. Rested it on the rocker and pushed up on the bottom of the door. Tried using WD40 first to losen it but that didn’t help.

  7. If you leave the retaining nuts off grime gets in the hinges. It takes a lot of WD-40, time and muscle to get them off. I took mine to the dealership and it took three people to get them off. Good Luck!

  8. Took my doors off my 2 door jk and i love it! just a question… anyone know if there are any laws against diving doorless on the road in canada? BC specifically?


  9. Doors were stolen off Jeep Wrangler Are there door pins that cant be removed or locking pins?

  10. Just removed doors from my 08 JK. There is some type of plastic spacer material between the upper and lower hinge plates that has been pretty chewed up by the elements. I’m guessing its there to keep the two parts from grinding on each other. Anyone know if you can get replacements? My local dealer can’t get them and same with an on-line parts supplier.

  11. One door was stuck.
    I used a 2 by 4 to get the door off.
    Big mistake.
    The door flew off and got dented up.
    Just learned about the retaining nuts here.

  12. Try as I might, following these directions, I cannot get either of the rear doors off my 2010 JK. Took the hinge bolts out top and bottom both sides, got the harness and strap loose but they just wont move. Front doors? No problem.


  13. depending on where you live, salts and corrosion can cause the hinge pins to swell and make this difficult. what i would recommend is using a floor jack with a piece of cut down 2×4 set on top of it standing vertically and then, placing a piece on top of that horizontally and position it under your semi-open door (the wood will help protect your door paint). slowly lift the jack to put pressure on the door and then carefully rock the door back and forth just a little. lift the jack a bit more and repeat. keep an eye on the hinges and you should see it rise up eventually. having a 2nd pair of hands to help in this is ideal.

  14. I really, really hate it when people call my Call of Duty Rubicon a “truck.”
    Really hacks me off something fierce.

  15. Thank you! We were able to get the doors off pretty easily. We were having difficulty due to the red locking tab. Slid it over and everything else came right off. 🙂

  16. The jack trick was what worked for me, but you have to have a second set of hands with you, to keep the hands on the door. Mine flew off while jacking it up (it was really stuck, had been working it with two strong dudes and WD-40 all day before we tried the jack) and put a nice dent in the door. My own fault, lesson learned: always keep one set of hands on the door when doing so.

    Now, any advice on ways to clean/prep those hinges so that it is easier next time? I had to put them back on due to the rain, and one of the doors was as tough as the first time. I don’t want to clean it out, as I assume there’s some oil or lube in the hinge now. Or should I add something in there? Or just put a crap load of WD-40 in there when putting them back?

    And thanks for the helpful guide!

  17. TOMO: Thinking here will pay off in the long run . You don’t want to make the doors vibrate when you drive or hit the trails so first try penetrating oil to lube the hinges first let it set for a hour then retry to remove the bolts. Worse case once you get them off you either need to replace them or breakout the Dremnal tool and rasp and widen the hing . Try sanding it first to remove any paint or rust build up first. That may or maynot work.
    And for those of you who are tired of getting goop in your door hinges when they are off try so type of thick grease in the holes . I use my grease gun to load the hinges up with a small cut cardboard square to keep it inside while pumping . Or get dirty and use your fingers. Just keep it off your paint!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I just removed one of my back doors for the first time because it was sticking and hard to swing open and closed. When I took the door off some type of fabric or plastic fell out of the hinge. It looked like a piece of a bushing. Any thoughts? If it was a bushing where or what can I use to replace it?

  19. Had the same problem with my rear doors. Live alone, so only my two hands to work with. 1st time attempting to remove them after its 1st New England winter. Used an extra large “pin” or nail set and hammer and carefully tapped each hinge pin from beneath(after removing the bolts) a few times. This loosened up the corrosion, and after swinging the doors open and closed while lifting, they finally gave way. Cleaned the pins and applied “Door-Ease” stick lubricant before re-installing.

  20. One person brought up this question already in regard to Canada, but Isn’t having side mirrors a requirement everywhere?
    I do see a couple folks driving without their doors here, but wasn’t close enough to ask them if they have checked into it.
    Anyone have a legal answer??

  21. Took doors off and plugged back in harness. Interior dome and floor Lights wont come on. I’m thinking the jeep “thinks” the doorsnow are still off. Anyone have the wiring/pin configuration for the harness?

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