Project-JK YouTube Video Highlights
Moab Seven Mile Rim Trail

The Seven Mile Rim Jeep Trail is an incredibly scenic and fun trail located out in Moab, Utah. Although it is rated “difficult”, most any Jeep JK Wrangler with a small lift and 33″ tires should be able to negotiate this trail with ease especially being that the hardest obstacles can be bypassed. Along the way, you’ll get a chance to see the Uranium Arch, an impressive pair of buttes called the Merrimack and Monitor and outstanding views of the La Sal Mountains. And, if you’re willing and able, there is a tough obstacle that you can tackle towards the end of the trail called “Wipeout Hill”.

In this Project-JK YouTube Video Highlight, you will get to see a quick preview of what running the Seven Mile Rim Jeep Trail is like.  All you have to do is click on the screen or link below:

Project-JK YouTube Video Highlight – Moab Seven Mile Rim Trail

If you would like to see photo of our trip across the Seven Mile Rim Jeep Trail, click on the link below:

Project-JK Seven Mile Rim Jeep Trail Photo Gallery

Be sure to check back soon as more Project-JK Video Highlights will be posted up as soon as possible and, you can be sure that a full length video will be made featuring our adventures out at the 2010 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.


  1. we have a few more preview highlight videos that will get put out quickly first and then the full length video will come out later – they take much longer to make. it will be available for FREE 🙂

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