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With all the improvements and additions that have been designed into the all new Jeep JK Wrangler, I really am surprised that a decent set of overhead grab handles weren’t included in the design. For the most part, this is no big deal as there are plenty of good aftermarket solutions for the front passengers like the velcro grab handles that MasterCraft makes but with the sound bar being located where it is, finding a good solution for the rear has been a bit tougher.

Fortunately for us, we have some really creative members on our forum ( and thanks to their awesome ingenuity we now have a great solution for the rear passengers that looks factory when completed, is a perfect match to the MasterCraft Grab Handles, is affordable and extremely easy to make/install. Simply follow the directions below.

What You Will Need

• (2) Grab Handles
• Grommet Kit
• Hammer
• 10mm Drive Socket

Optional Items

MasterCraft Grab Handles

Special Thanks

I would like to give special thanks to German over on for coming up with this great budget mod and to farbuckle and Rubimon for making it much better.

Where to Buy It

You can buy your Fancy Grab Handles for cheap at:

Chesapeake Light Craft

And, if you would like a matching set for up front, I would recommend buying a set of MasterCraft grab handles. I bought mine at:



This is a pic of what your new rear Grab Handles will look like right out of the box. As you can see, secure holes will need to be made in them in order for you to install them on your Jeep JK Wrangler.
This is a pic of the brass Grommet Kit I purchased from my local True Value Hardware store. As you can see, it comes complete with grommets hole punch, and Grommet making tool.
1. Your Grommet Kit will come with a small flat piece of wood and a hole cutting tool (looks like a round metal tube that is beveled on one side). Place one end of your new grab handle strap over the piece of wood, position your punch tool over where you need to create a hole and then hit the punch with a hammer until it creates a clean hole. Repeat this step on the opposite strap.
2. The brass grommets come in two halves – one half has a center hole that is raised and the other is flat like a washer. Place the half with the raised center hole on top of the round Grommet anvil as shown in this pic. 3. Place the grab handle strap on top of the anvil and Grommet so that the raised center hole protrudes through the hole you created in the strap. Then, place the flat Grommet washer half on top of both as shown in this pic. 4. Position the Grommet punch over the flat washer half and then strike it with a hammer several times while rotating the punch a 1/4 turn between strikes.
5. Remove the grab handle from the anvil and check the Grommet to make sure it has a secure fit. Then, repeat steps 2-4 on the opposite side.
6. Using a 10mm drive socket, remove the 2 bolts located on the bottom of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s sound bar as shown in this pic. 7. Slip the 2 bolts you just removed through the grommets on your grab handles and then thread them back in to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s sound bar. 8. Using a 10mm drive socket, secure the bolts and your grab handles in place.
And this is what your Jeep JK Wrangler’s new rear grab handles will look like when all is said and done. In my opinion, they look as if they came that way right from the factory.
MasterCraft Grab Handles

Now, if you’re looking for a set of grab handles for the front of your Jeep JK Wrangler and want them to be a perfect match to your new rear set, I would recommend picking up a set of MasterCraft Grab Handles. Designed to strap on to your factory roll bars with velcro straps, these grab handles install easily in minutes and require no drilling, hardware or tools. Here’s a shot of what they look like right out of the box.
Last but not least, here’s what your MasterCraft Grab Handles will look like installed on your Jeep JK Wrangler.

That’s it, you’re done. Your Jeep JK Wrangler is now fitted with a set of grab handles that are highly functional and look great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Where is the hole punched on the handle (How far from each end do you punch the hole)?

    For example, do you go in 1 inch from each end?

  2. I just located a point that was centered between the width of the strap and of the same distance from the end of it as well. Does that make sense?


  3. Excellent idea, thank you. I ordered the two for the back and went to order the Mastercraft for the front but was not sure which size. Did your order the 2″ or 3″ handle.

  4. I loved this idea and have done the exact same thing. I drilled the straps then used a soldering gun to melt the goles perfectly round and keep the handles from any fraying down the road.

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the great tip. My handles came in today and it took 10 minutes to put them in. They look like factory and feel solid and dependable.

  6. Hey love the site. This is my 1st jeep I have had it about 2 weeks. My question is on the rowing site the handles look grey. My front handles are black. Do they make black ones?

  7. Outstanding idea. My handles came in yesterday. I stopped at Lowes on the way home today and had them installed in about 15 minutes. They look great, are very strong and should last as long as my JK does. Thank you!

  8. This works really well. I have made a few myself, and they hold up great. I would advise buying from CLC. There are companies that sell the same handles for a little cheaper. I bought some, and the size of the handles were much smaller. Chesapeake Light Craft seems to be the way to go if you going to make them yourself.

  9. do you know anyone whpo ships the mastercraft grab handles (front) to the UK?

    Also, Do you know if the design of the door seals on the jeep 2007 wrangler hard top sahara (3 door 2.8 litre CRD) have been changed since its release?

    My father is having a lot of water come in through the drivers door, and the jeep is brand new.

    Do you know if anyone stocks replacement seals?

  10. I just completed this awesome project. You will actually need 1/4″ grommets, not 3/8″. (If you click on the photo of the grommet kit in the instructions above, you will also see that he uses 1/4″.)

    Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thanks for the great idea.

  11. Got my Rubi last week and this was the first thing I did. Took about 15 minutes and my passengers love them. Plus I love the look of them. CLC was quick with shipping!! Thanks for the write up!!!

  12. Did the exact same thing with my factory grab handles. Involved 2 extra steps(cutting and alittle burning with a lighter to prevent tearing)and the process is the exact same after that.

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