TSB – Mopar Remote Start System – RKE – Intermittent Operation Or Alarm May Sound

NUMBER: 08-018-07
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: June 23, 2007

Mopar Remote Start System – RKE – Intermittent Operation Or Alarm May Sound

This bulletin involves the installation of a Mopar Remote Start System – Service Repair Kit.

On vehicles that have had a Mopar Remote Start installation Kit installed by a dealer, the customer may experience one or more of the following conditions:

An intermittent operation of the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system. At times, the RKE system may not function as designed. This may include intermittent operation of: lock/unlock mode, remote start mode, or panic mode. The vehicle may be operated manually without issue using the ignition key to open or lock the door, and to start the vehicle.

TSB 08-018-07


  1. My 08 JK does this. After I use the remote start then arrive some where, lock the doors, when I try to now unlock the doors they won’t. I have to use the key in the door to unlock and when I pull open the door the alarm is sounded and I have to now hit the panic button to stop. Very frustrating when your around people or trying to show off your sweet ride and you can’t work it

  2. Same issue with my 08 JK Rubicon (Automatic), both remotes will randomly become dead. Dealer has checked the remotes and the batteries, no issue. I do also have the automatic start and it also does not work.

    Taking it in tomorrow to have the remotes replaced but I doubt that will fix it.

    Going to check the price of this repair kit since it only applies to 2007’s.

  3. Anyone found a solution for this? same thing is happening on my 2010 JK and I’ve only had it for a week.
    Dealer doesn’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it.

  4. I’ve had this problem about 5 or 6 times with my ’09 4 door. I also brought it in and the dealer did the full diagnostic check on it. No one could figure it out. I haven’t had the problem in about six weeks now. The only change I’ve made is I hold whatever button I’m pushing on the remote for a full second or two. Before I just tapped it like the one on my old ’01 Dakota. I think the new remotes are much more complicated and transmit more data to the vehicle’s computer so it takes a bit more. ??? Not sure if this is the answer but it is my experience. Also, I had my dealer add the Mopar remote start as an option when I took delivery.

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