VIDEO: Project-JK Clawhammer Trail

The Hammer Trails, which are located in Johnson Valley, CA, are legendary for having some the toughest and most demanding Jeep trails in the world. In this short video, you will see highlights from a run we did with our good friend Jeff (gonegoannas) up one of the easier of the Hammer Trails known as, Clawhammer. Rated a 4 by the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers, Clawhammer is a short trail but still quite demanding and one that really should be done in a Jeep JK Wrangler that is equipped with at least 35″ tires, lockers front and rear and of course, a good set of rocker guards.  Anyway, to see this video now, simply click on the link below.  I hope you enjoy it…

Project-JK Clawhammer Trail YouTube Video

To see photos from this trip, simply click on the link below:

Project-JK Clawhammer Trail Photo Gallery


  1. 2:20 – 2:26 in the video, JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST. He shattered a boulder and threw another one with the rear driver side tire.. I literally threw my arms in the air and went “HELL YEA” followed by mad cackling.. replayed that part over and over. I don’t even have a Wrangler (yet). I cannot wait to get one (if the funds ever allow) So I can do this kinda stuff with you folks. Good stuff guys, always ready to see more. Really wish I could get my hands on one of these machines.

  2. Your videos rock!!! I am a documentary cameraman and I watch these wishing I could go along and shoot with you. I have a stock 2011 Rubicon at this point but I am growing into it. Unfortunately I just had to spend another fifteen grand on a camera that I’ve been renting too often. But I would have rather put that money into the jeep and some cool trips like yours. Keep it up your doing a great job!!! At least we can live vicariously through your awesome adventures.

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