Rubicat Climbing Out of Cliffhanger

For those of you who’ve never run Cliffhanger out in Moab, there’s a steep set tightly stacked ledges that look and feel a lot like stairs and it’s something that you have to descend the moment you start the trail. Of course, being that this trail is a one way in and one way out, it’s also something you have to climb back up at the end of the day. While this may sound easy enough to do, many of the steps are spaced just far enough apart that both front and rear tires have to climb at the same time and depending on the line you take, this can prove to be a challenge even in a long wheel base 4-door Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited. A lot of people like to skirt around the outside edge of the stairs where you can take the steps at an angle but with a little momentum, a bit of throttle control and tires that hook up well on the rocks like our new Cooper Discoverer STT Pros, I find that going right up the middle works just as well. Here’s a short clip of Rubicat climbing her way up to the top. I hope you enjoy.

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