SNAKE EYES Teaser Clip : Jeff Driving Through Fordyce Creek Water Crossing #1

One of the most challenging obstacles on the Fordyce Creek Jeep Trail is fording the creek itself. With the exception of about a week in August when PG&E restricts the water flow for the annual Sierra Trek Event, the water level is often very high and moving fast enough to make the required crossings impassible. In this short teaser video from our upcoming SNAKE EYES film, you’ll get to see our good friend Jeff fording his way through Water Crossing #1. Even thought we did this run at the end of September and the water levels should have been at their shallowest, you can see that it was still deep enough for him to take on quite a bit of water.

We hope that you enjoyed the clip and that you’ll come back to watch the full length film on Sunday, October 18, 2015!

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