Project-JK Valley of Fire Logandale Trails 2009

I have in-laws that live in Henderson, Nevada, and so as you can imagine, I get to spend a lot of time out in the Las Vegas area.  And, while I have always known about the Valley of Fire and some of the trails that exist back there, I’ve never had a chance to check any of them out or at least not until recently.  Now, while there is no off-roading allowed within the boundaries of the Valley of Fire State Park, there is a large area located on the outskirts of the park near to the north shores of Lake Mead and to the town of Logandale.  This area contains a large network of OHV trails and is specifically known as the Logandale Trails.  Of the trails that are designated for Jeeps, the Shitter, Rock Bottom, Hawkins, Bowl, Matterhorn, Arockalpse are the most popular and most of these have tough optional side routes that you can try out such as the infamous S-Turn. Of course, in addition to the great off roading you can do, the scenery is simply to die for and if you’re willing to do some exploring on foot, there are some beautiful springs and petroglpyhs that you can hike up to as well.
For Presidents Day Weekend 2009, my family and I decided to spend a few nights in Overton, NV and wheel as much of the Logandale Trails as we could.  Fortunately for us, we were able to convince few members from to join us including toad, Trail Bud, serveapurpose, rangleme, blazer4949, JeepCacher and SGT EVIL.  Of the 7 Jeep JK Wranglers we had along for the ride, 5 were 4-door Unlimited models and 2 were 2-doors models and all were lifted at least 2.5″ and running 33″ tires and for the most part, nobody had any problems on the trails that we decided to run.

Anyway, if you would like to see a short video that WOLette made from our excursion out to the Valley of Fire, simply click on the screen or link below. Also, you should know that this video was filmed in HD so be sure to click on the HD icon for HDTV quality video:

VIDEO: Project-JK Valley of Fire Logandale Trails 2009

To see a ton of photos from our trip, please click on the link below:

Project-JK Valley of Fire Logandale Trails 2009 Photo Gallery

Thanks again to everyone who joined us on this trip.  It certainly wouldn’t have been half as fun without you!


  1. Cool Video !

    I love the tought of good technical wheeling all day and the only clean up after ya get home is a light vacuuming of the interior and a dusting of the dash and console ! East coast wheeling requires the full clean after 75% of the time.

    Did ya really need to PROVE why it’s called the shitter trail????

  2. Nice vid, looks like a fun place. Beautiful scenery, Makes me want to get back to Moab. Nice music as well, nice change -up with Ring of Fire.

    Sons of Thunder 4-Wheelers

  3. hey dave, long time no see – i hope you and your family are doing well. regarding the bathroom, you need to watch the video to the very end 😉


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