Project-JK Twin Peaks Trail Run VIDEO

So I was watching my favorite TV personality, Todd Offenbacher (a real hoot to watch), on the local Tahoe RSN channel when I saw a piece he did featuring a local wheeling spot that was right here in the South Lake Tahoe basin. Apparently, this area was called Twin Peaks and was just minutes away from the Y (where highway 50 and 89 split off) and if you can believe it, in all the years that I have been coming to Lake Tahoe, I can honestly say that I had never heard of this place. In fact, none of the books or maps I had indicated anything about this trail or OHV area but after doing some research online and locating the actual Twin Peaks mountains on a map, I decided to take some time off of my busy work week and find this place.
As it would turn out, Twin Peaks is literally in town and down by a youth fishing area called Saw Mill Pond.  Towards the end of the parking lot, you will find a gate which will tell you that the trail ahead is Twin Peaks and that it’s only open from 9am – 7pm.  Not too far beyond the gate, you will come up to a split in the trail.  To get to the top without any problems, stay to the left and if you want to play on some pretty tough rocks, stay to the right.  This first play area is called “Twister” and is a challenge.  Up beyond that and near the peak, you will find a second rock garden with a bypass to the right called “Washboard” (most likely because of the railroad ties you have you drive over).  This second rock garden is just as challenging as the first and towards the top, it gets extreme.  If you’re bold enough to give the extreme part a try, there is an axle that’s been sunk into a large boulder towards to top that you can winch off of if needed.  The top of the peak is just a 100 yards up beyond that and offers stunning views of the Tahoe basin and mountains beyond. All in all, it’s more of a small play area than a trail but challenging enough to offer hardcore Jeepers some fun.  Of course, being minutes away from home makes this place a perfect place to test out your rig and or to hone in your abilities.  If you visit this area, please stay on the designated trails and away from the tempting ledges which are in fact off the trail.  Anyway, here is a short video that Cindy made of our Twin Peaks excursion and I hope you enjoy it.

Project-JK Twin Peaks Trail YouTube Video

If you would like to see photos from our visit to the Twin Peaks Trail, simply click on the link below:

Project-JK Twin Peaks Trail Photo Gallery


Special Thanks: I’d like to give special thanks to RSN and to Todd Offenbacher for informing me about all kinds of great information like this great trail, great weather reports, snow reports when I’m up here boarding and for entertaining the hell out of me.

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