Project-JK Jeepers Jamboree
Rubicon Trail VIDEO

Although this was originally filmed last year and should have been posted a long time ago, I think you will find that the Rubicon is truly a timeless trail and that this video captures both the essence of it as well as the amazing event known as, the Jeepers Jamboree.  To watch the adventures that Liz (DizzyLiz), Sean, Chip (KidJeep), Kristin, Cindy (wayoflifette) and I had as we made our way up and over the world famous Rubicon trail, simply click on the screen or link below:

Project-JK Jeepers Jamboree Rubicon Trail Run @ Yahoo! Video

If you would like to read about our trip, click on the link below to see the article that I wrote soon after we completed our trip last year:

An Adventure of a Lifetime
The 56th Annual Jeepers Jamboree 2008


  1. Nice footage and excellent handeling of the trail… I’d like to join your group in traversing the Rubicon Trail. I have a modified 2005 Jeep Rubicon and have plenty of off-road experience. The is the 7th Jeep I have owned.

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