Project-JK Highlights 5:
Dusy Ershim Trail – Chicken Rock

Approximately 31 mile in length, the Dusy Ershim is a hell of a trail that cuts through the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and straddles the John Muir and Dinky Lakes Wilderness. More than any rock garden to cross or ledge to climg, its excruciating length and slow going pace is truly what makes this a difficult trail. Having said that, before you get to start this mile after arduous mile of relentless tree squeezes, you have to first conquer the very first obstacle which is located at the trailhead and called, “Chicken Rock.” 

Essentially a steep glacier carved granite face, Chicken Rock isn’t so much difficult as it is intimidating.  I don’t know what the exact slope is but, I have read that it launched into the sky somewhere between 30° and 50° depending on what book or website you are looking at.  Of course, in a Jeep JK Wrangler, this climb is a cakewalk and you will get to see as much in this short Project-JK Video Highlight.  To watch this video now, simply click on the screen or link below:

Project-JK YouTube Video Highlights Dusy Ershim Trail – Chicken Rock

Be sure to check back again soon as we will be posting up more Project-JK YouTube Video Highlights on a regular basis.

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