SNAKE EYES : A Fateful Trip
Across the Fordyce Jeep Trail

Outside of the Rubicon and the Dusy Ershim, Fordyce is without question one of toughest trails in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and depending on who you talk to, the hardest of the three. While it wasn’t our original plan to run this trail, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve gone off script, on a whim and really, that’s the kind of thing that makes an epic trek like this so much fun. That being said, we hadn’t planned on running Fordyce and so we knew nothing about the water levels or the overall condition of the trail and in spite of knowing that it’d be a crapshoot, we chose to take our chances and roll the dice of fate. Unfortunately for us, we would come up with a pair of SNAKE EYES and this is the story of our fateful trip.

This is a project that Cindy and I started a few years back but had to shelve due to other commitments. We’ve recently dug it up out of the archives and revisited it because we felt that it was still a great story and one that was worth sharing. A big thanks needs to go out to our good friends Doug, his friend John, Jeff, Don, Lori, Ray, Mel from Off Road Evolution and his son, little Mel.

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