Monache Meadows & Sherman Pass Trail Run Video

Filmed back in September over Labor Day Weekend 2007, this Project-JK trail run video highlights our end of the summer two day camping trip up to Monache Meadows and the Sherman Pass 4×4 trail, both of which are located up in the southern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, close to Lake Isabella.  This exciting video is currently available on YouTube and can be seen by clicking on the screen or link below:

Monache Meadows & Sherman Pass Trail Run – YouTube Video

If you’re new to Project-JK and would like read all about our Labor Day Weekend run up to Monache Meadows and the Sherman Pass 4×4 Trail and/or would like to see tons of pics from it, simply click on this link to read the article I wrote about it back on September 5, 2007: Monache Meadows & Sherman Pass Labor Day Trail Run 2007



  1. Awesome video…Best one so far IMO. Makes me jealous of not being out in the mtns. Looked like something even a n00b like myself could handle…lol

  2. As usual, a great production. Your videos are definately a cut above the ones normally posted online. Great work.

  3. i love the video’s i havn’t been on in a while an i was wonderin why you guys dont got any more new videos?

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