TSB – Flash: Audio Speaker Popping-Like Sound During Audio Play

NUMBER: 08-030-07
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: December 21, 2007

Flash: Audio Speaker Popping-Like Sound During Audio Play

This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Audio Amplifier with new software.

CAUTION: If this flash process is interrupted/aborted, the AMP will be damaged beyond repair and will require replacement.

2008 (JK) Wrangler

NOTE: This bulletin applies to the above listed vehicles equipped with a Premium Infinity audio system (sales code RC9) built before December 10, 2007 (MDH 1210XX).

The vehicle operator may experience a popping-like sound from the audio speakers. The condition may be more noticeable when the audio source is the radio tuner.

TSB 08-030-07


  1. Had this TSB performed….problem worse. Sound now poor, lower volume of bass and much deteriorated sound quality across frequencies.

  2. I have the problem as well, but only when I use AUX for my IPOD. it pops, but then seems to go away. I notice it on certain songs with more bass too, but I’ve inspected the speakers and none are damaged.

  3. i’m having this same issue…..i don’t want to bring it to the dealership just to be disappointed with crappy sound quality after it’s done….what should i do?? is there another alternative fix? or is that just 1 case where sound quality was compromised

  4. i had the same problem and i just took it in for an oil change and told them my issue. there was a software update for the amplifier and it actually worked. i was very surprised. i would recommend taking it in and having them update the software. all i listen to now is the hdd.

  5. Had this done a couple weeks ago during a regular oil change.
    Had bad popping when playing music of the HDD.
    Played it after and no more popping 🙂
    I do notice a drop in overall volume, but the numbers don’t stop at “10” – LOL

  6. i have an 07 x and my speakers seem to pop when going over bumps. is this related to this tsb or somthing different?

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