KEEP IT TIGHT : The JK-Experience Colorado
Black Bear Pass & Billings Canyon [Part 4 of 4]

Day 5 of the JK-Experience Rocky Mountain Run took us up and over the most famous and terrifying trails in the state of Colorado, Black Bear Pass. After having some fun on what are certainly some of the most hair raising, narrow switchback roads you can find anywhere, we made our way west to our final destination of the week, Grand Junction. To end our trip with a bang, our 6th and final day would be spent on a short but technically challenging trail called, Billings Canyon. Rated a 9 out of a 10, this trail would put everyone and their rigs to the test and, as you can imagine, had a hell of a great time!

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Cindy & Eddie Oh


  1. I need my 37’s so I can join you guys on this trip I watch these video’s a few times a week and my gf was just speachless I hope Chrysler realizes what this does for the jeep line

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