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Vulcan Mine Camping Trip

April 30, 2012 wayoflife 0

Over the weekend, we got a chance to hook up with some really old friends of ours, Matt and Heather (aka doojer & doojette) and do some camping out in the desert or, what some like to call, “overlanding�.

Giving Some Love to JK Factory Skidplates!!

April 23, 2012 wayoflife 7

I always hear people talk about how much the factory skidplates suck, how inadequate they are and how important it is to install heavy and expensive aftermarket replacements. And, truth be told, I just don’t get it. I mean, I’m totally on board with protecting vital parts on your Jeep that come with little to no protection at all, such as the oil pan on all JK’s, the automatic transmisson sump pan on 2011-up JK’s and even a very exposed transmission cooler line on 2012-up, but I simply have not seen any need to replace what you already get for free from the factory.

Planning to Lift Your 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler? Skip the Y-Pipe & Just Get a 1310 Front Driveshaft

April 21, 2012 wayoflife 82

I just wanted to post this up as a public service announcement as I get 2012 owners asking me this question all the time. If you lift your 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler more than 2.5″, you will have issues with your factory front drive shaft making contact with the exhaust cross over. However, rather than wasting your money on a Y-Pipe kit that can cost upwards of $300, please do yourself a favor, spend the extra $150 and just upgrade your front drive shaft to a 1310 drive shaft like the kind that J.E. Reel or even Coast makes.

Truck-Lite Old Style vs. New LED Headlight
Side-by-Side Test & Review

April 13, 2012 wayoflife 22

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this and, I’m happy to say that last night, we finally got a chance to do a side by side comparison test of the all NEW Truck-lite Complex Reflector Optics Design LED Headlights versus the original LED Headlights that they’ve had out for a while now. And, after doing the test, this is what I can tell you.

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2012 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Photo Essay

April 10, 2012 wayoflife 2

With the economy still in the dumps and gas prices through the roof, I suppose it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that the 2012 Moab Easter Jeep Safari was by far one of the least crowded ones I’ve seen to date.