A Jeep Journey Down into the Reward Mine

Back in 1860, gold was discovered in the heart of the Owens Valley and by 1864, a hole burrowed into the side of the Inyo Mountains known as the Eclipse Mine was said to be the richest in the State of California. Later renamed the Reward by the Reward Consolidated Mining Co., this mine was worked consistently from 1880 to 1914 and then started up again in 1935 for an extensive period of time. What remains today is an amazingly large network of eight connected tunnels spanning over 500 vertical feet from top to bottom. Of course, what makes this mine unique is that the main tunnel is big enough to allow about half a dozen Jeeps to off-road about a quarter of a mile down into its depths and still have enough room at the bottom to get them all turned around and heading back out again.

In this short video, you will see highlights from some of the trips we’ve taken down into the depths of this mine. Of course, if you ever have the chance to visit this wonderful destination, be safe, enjoy and please try to leave it nicer than when you found it. Thank you.


  1. Sweet video guys! It rocks just like all the others! Keep up the good work and one day we will see you out on the trails.

    2012 JK Crawler

  2. Love this!!!! This is great would love to see u guys on the trails out here in NY (by Lake George)

  3. Wow! How much farther can you go on foot? Is the mine stable? No gas leaks or water pits to worry about?

  4. I appreciate the work that went into this video, but it’s not really my thing. Is there a documentary of the delve? I’d love to see that.

  5. I have a message for jeepbug00.

    You mentioned about a trail up in Lake George, NY. I worked at 6flags in Lake George and I owned a big lifted wrangler. It would be great if you could tell me more about trials in Lake George, Text me in my mobile 518 844 8515.. Thanks

  6. I like the video. But the music is lame for a jeep video. Shoulda been something harder. Owning a Jeep is not about listening to pop music. It is about ripping the top off getting covered in mud while you listen to Slayer!

  7. This looks interesting. Do you rent Jeeps for the excursion? I live on the east coast (MD) and getting my jeep wrangler there would be an adventure in itself.

  8. Guys, great job on the video. You have earned the right to play any music you want since most of the readers can’t drive or accomplish many of the obstacles you have documented. This looks like a fun ride, not difficult, but a little hairy wondering when the thing is gonna cave in and block you in for days until your death. Yeah, I get it, check the Jeep bucket list, you guys drove into the depths of an old unstable mine….good job and thanks for the video (including the music).

    Metallica’s #1 fan – Mark 🙂

  9. Collected there. Never thought of driving in though. Might have to try that. At least with the ATV’s.
    Cool video.

  10. Wicked cool looks like alot fun,but I don’t think I could do that in a stock kj need to get a cj.

  11. Awesome video, I can only imagine how much better it would be in real life. Unfortunately here in South Africa we don’t have the same sort of experience, but we do have other great alternatives to go through. Ever considered expanding your trails beyond the borders… i.e. South Africa.

  12. If it wasn’t an 8 hour drive, I would be there already… you guys have all the fun, and it makes me jealous.

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