HEARTLAND – The JK-Experience
Heartland of America Tour [Teaser Trailer]

Born and raised in Southern California, our idea of off-roading has always been about exploring the wide open desert, high mountain peaks and crawling over big rocks. Of course, there is really is so much more to off-roading than just that and, thanks to the Off Road Evolution JK-Experience, presented by Nitto Tire, we got a chance to experience for ourselves how the Heartland of America plays! I hope you enjoy this teaser trailer highlighting our upcoming full length film that’s currently in the works.

HEARTLAND – The JK-Experience Heartland Tour [Teaser Trailer]


  1. Once again, you guys have me anticipating the full video. You guys out did yourselves on this teaser. Looks like it was a ton of fun.

  2. No need to be sorry! I’ll just watch all the videos from the beginning again for the eighth time until it’s up. I never get tired of watching you guys wheel! 🙂

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