TSB – Squeak-Like Sound Due To Manual Transmission Clutch Disc

NUMBER: 06-004-07
GROUP: Clutch
DATE: October 26, 2007

Squeak-Like Sound Due To Manual Transmission Clutch Disc

This bulletin involves the replacement of the manual transmission clutch disc.

2007 – 2008 (JK) Wrangler

NOTE: This bulletin applies to Wrangler vehicles equipped with a 3.8L engine and manual transmission (sales codes EGT and DEH respectively), built on or before February 28, 2008 (MDH 0228XX).

The customer may experience a squeak-like sound from the transmission clutch. This sound will occur when there is a change in engine torque. The squeak-like sound can be heard most often during: clutch engagement, acceleration (tip-in), and/or deceleration
maneuvers. This condition may be due to the clutch disc internal components.

TSB 06-004-07


  1. I have had the squeak since I have bought my JK. It has been in the shop 6 times and they have replace parts like they are suppose to, and it did not take care of the noise.

  2. The clutch started making the squeak at 1211 miles. I started it up a few weeks ago and its been squeaking for the last 1000 miles. I cant hear it over the radio, but several people have pointed it out to me. Does the squeak mean that the clutch is not fuctioning properly? I havent noticed a change in performance so far.

  3. did you happen to notice that it does this most often when going up or down inclines in low gears? mine does so but it usually only squeaks for about 2 seconds or so.

  4. i had mine in for the throwout bearing and then a few months later the clutch TSB. The squeak is gone but a bunch of other more serious promblems showed up after the clutch plate was replaced. very rough, vibrates, and is a much more sluggish vehicle. be careful when you get this done. i love my jeep i love jeeps “had 3 so far” but this one for all its prais may be a lemon. i have little faith in the dealership to fix things right.

  5. have complained about chirp+difficult 1st to 2nd shift sinse spring(9000km)just had disc replaced but had to pay(read the fine print on my 5year 160000km(100 000m)warranty agreement,all clutch components covered EXCEPT disc(1year 20 000km)had to pay will appeal as have been sending cust service e-mails on this for months but anyways chirp is gone and better(not perfect)upshift from 1st to 2nd when warm

  6. I bought my 07 JK used w/ 13,000 miles on it. I have the squeak, dealer said “official” warranty considers clutch a wear item…they said a Jeep with 13,000 miles on it should not have this issue, they are fixing, no charge and giving me a loaner while they do this, this dealer has the reputation of taking care of their customers…

  7. I have the problem, i know it does. it started at 1000 miles, and its 7000 miles later and everytime i take it in the stealership gives me a good excuse for me to leave; ranging from “its mud in the hub” to “we just dont hear it,”

  8. i also had my jeep wrangler in for the throwout bearing @ 8,000 miles. Then the squeak started at 12,000 miles. Only when initially engaged and when torque was place at slow speeds. i brought it to the dealer two weeks ago. they said there were no TSB’s and they had other wranglers doing the same…so it wasn’t an issue. i search and found this site. i wonder if chrysler knows their dealers are full of shit? we are use to buying crap from american auto companies….now they are not even willing to fix their crap (or at least the dealers aren’t). I can’t wait to see my dealer and call him a liar to his face.

  9. I have been trying to get the dealership to fix the squeel, and the squeek on my JK for months now. They always give me the same BS. They can’t hear it…. sounds normal… but everyone else asks what the noise is. Curious they are the only ones that don’t hear the problem. Calling again today. I’m getting very frustrated.

  10. had my disk replaced 2 times in 1300 miles on my 3rd squeal is back less then 200 miles both times dealer forgot inner shift boot twice even tho i mentioned to double check it still forgot it now i have greasy hand prints on my roof from them looking at that the when i took it in for the clutch and of course they don’t hear it but 200 yards from their front door i hear the noise i give up it will squeal forever now least till center force comes out with a replacement i would not recommend getting this tsb done unless you have a good dealer

  11. I will be happy if they just fix the damn roof leaks on my 07 2dr rubi….. Mine has squeaked since new….. A bad clutch I can replace in my own garage and do it right. Sad you have to fix it new out of the box I know. My old CJ was ugly and quirky but it always got me into and out of the woods. My TJ was the same. This JK, hmmmmm….. I don’t even know if it will get into or out of the grocery store parking lot let alone some real trails!!!! P.O.S!!! Thanks Chrysler……

  12. Got my Wrangler in Dec. ’08 (First one, so you could say I’m a newbie). Start the squeak squeak while shifting and at the moment you hit the gas pedal. At about 6500 miles start to get the squeal when the clutch was engaged. I took it into the dealership yesterday and they are ordering a new disc and throw out bearing. I also asked them about the TSB and they were not sure about it but they would check. Anyway it will all be covered under the warranty and hopefully next week all will be better.

  13. Anyone have problems with the clutch smelling like its burning when doing any sort of hill in reverse. Im talking like even on a steep street or in my yard. I have driven my 99 cherokee for years and never experience this problem with its manual. The JK just feels cheap in the transmission dept.

  14. This TSB states that it is only for vehicles built before 2/2008. My 2008 JK Rubicon was built in 3/2008 and it has this issue. Brought it to the dealership today and they said my vehicle is having the same issue and the clutch plate needs to be replaced. They also stated that Jeep is working on a new TSB to include more vehicles. Parts will be in next week so work on the results of getting it replaces.

  15. It is supposed to take roughly 6 hours to replace a disc, bearing and pressure plate. Mine(08 Unlimited)was in the shop now the past two days. I haven’t had a lender either.I had it to two separate chrysler dealerships, one said they couldn’t hear the squeaking, the other said that there was nothing wrong.The second one i brought it to, the foreman could not hear it apparently and had it parked outside and said there was nothing to fix.I got in a aruement , you could plainly hear it, so i drove it back into the shop when the was alot of people around. Immediately everone started looking around saying what the hell is that noise? hahaha Thats all i have to say because the foreman made himself look like an ass in front of everyone.Anyways i am still waiting to get mine back.i’ll write and let you know how it went.

  16. i had several issues with my transmission. chirp, shudder, clutch pedal pulse etc…. this is my third jeep, and my second rubicon. i know them very well. the dealership “located in burnsville Mn.” could never verify the conditions, every single shop or dealer the jeep was brought to could. i was told over and over again that this transmission was not functioning correctly, possibly resulting from the TSB repairs to fix the chirp, “3 times”. every shop and delearship verified the condition and even brought up other concerns with the vehicle. on the dealerships window they have the sticker, “its a jeep thing you wouldn’t understand”…. well my dealership certainly does not have the right to display that sign. my love affair with jeeps ended not because the of the vehicle, but because the dealerships stance on making things right. this was my second jeep purchased from them. if you are a minnesota resident, be very careful who you buy your vehicle from. some dealerships are better than others.. pick yours wisely if you are going to buy a jeep.

  17. Is the fix for this TSB or any other for that matter free until the 1 year warranty is up or are TSBs lifetime? I am almost to a year/12,000 miles and have this squeek. If I have to pay after the 1 year period I am taking it in. If not I’ll continue to drive for a while.


  18. I’ve been bringing in my 07 since the fuses blew at 300 miles back in march 2007 and told them about the squeeking…the dealership failed to put it in their diagnostic files at thtat time. i returned at 14000 miles for routine stuff and told them again. for the past three months they’ve been pushing me back and orth until finally the day they were to install the SOP clutch kit it appearred to not be covered by the warranty. they talked to chrysler, so i suggest talking to a chrylser rep yourself and tell them your side…clutch shouldn’t go at 15000 miles let alone start at 300. Anyone having similar issues or can help me find a cheaper solution?

  19. jpwv….take in in asap…as soon as you pass it, it isn’t under warranty…and a good 800 out of your pocket

  20. My 2007 JK the first clutch disintegrated at 45,000 miles July 2008. Today the second clutch disintegrated at at 69,000 miles ie. 24,000 miles later. Any one have short term clutch disintegration? I have only done hwy and city driving.

  21. I’m reading these threads and the chipping sound from the clutch seems to be on only 07 and 08. I have a 2009 Jeep Rubicon that was scheduled for production just before their Chapter 11. It was delivered in August 09. 7000 miles later I have the same chirping sound while accelerating on inclines and shifting. I’m thinking they had a lot of leftover parts from 08 and used them in there 09 models.

  22. Really am glad (not happy for any of you either)to find this is not a problem only I am having. Funny the dealership sure makes it sound like you’re the only one. I had my throw bearing and full clutch assembly fixed today under warranty (after a chat. On the was home it started sounding like crap and the engine light came on. Back I go yet again tomorrow.

  23. I have 120,000 miles on my 07 jk and mine is just starting to squeal now.I cant complain about that.Looks like im doing the clutch might as well do the flywheel while im there

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