TSB – Electronic Stability Control Disable Feature For Modified 4WD Vehicles

NUMBER: 05-001-08
GROUP: Brakes
DATE: January 18, 2008

Electronic Stability Control Disable Feature For Modified 4WD Vehicles

This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Anti-Lock Brake/Electronic Stability Module (ABS), the Cabin Control Node (CCN), and the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) with new software. Once these modules have been reprogrammed (flashed), a sequence of steps will be required to disable or enable the vehicle Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

2007 (JK) Wrangler
NOTE: This bulletin applies to Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles.

Vehicles modified with larger tires and/or suspension lifts may experience early Electronic Stability Program (ESP) activations as compared to a non-modified production vehicle depending on lift size/height, tire size, suspension changes and/or driving habits.

If early ESP activations are experienced while driving with a modified vehicle, the additional ability to permanently turn off ESP is available. This ESP permanently disable feature can be obtained once the ABS, CCN, and TIPM modules have been flashed / reprogrammed with the correct level of software, as described in the Repair Procedure.

After completing reprogramming of the modules, an ignition switch, steering wheel and ESP button maneuver must be performed to permanently disable ESP and to turn off the functionality of the ESP switch. Once the ESP system is placed into permanent disable
mode, the ESP Telltale will be illuminated in the instrument cluster, and the vehicle odometer will display a “ESP OFF? message. The ESP permanent disable feature DOES NOT disable the vehicle Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) or the Brake Assist System (BAS), when the feature is implemented per this Service Bulletin Repair Procedure.

Repeating the ESP permanent disable maneuver procedure will return the system to normal ESP operation and restore ESP switch functionality allowing for ESP ?Full?, “Partial?, or “Off? modes.

TSB 05-001-08


  1. I work for a dealership and with that said they can do whatever they want. They do not have to preform TSB work. It sounds like they are trying to charge you labor which they can do but i don’t think they should. With that said as I said I work for a dealership and mine does not want to do it at all. They are afraid about liability issues. They are going to do it but that is only because i would not take no for an answer. They are only going to do the flash and then i will have to the in the cab key part of the TSB. Also just in case anyone is wondering the 08’s do not need this flash they are already set up so all that has to be done is the key part of the TSB which you can do in your driveway.After I get my rig back on Friday I will report my findings on how it works on the BB

  2. I went to my dealership to inquire. They told me that Canadian Jeep/Dodge dealerships will NOT do this as it will void my warranty. I purchased the extended 2 year warranty with my jeep, and do not want to lose it, but I have to get this TSB disabled. I currently am inquiring with my tuner about purchasing a power programmer to gain the extra bit of HP, and also use the programmers functionality of disabling the TSB. Has anyone else purchased a power programmer with the same intentions? I did this with my car, and the traction control is permanently disabled. Need help! cannot stand the TSB!

  3. Having a hard time getting the dealer to do this to my Jeep. They said it doesn’t apply to me because it’s not lifted. I have had ongoing esp issues and would like to disable it. It’s at the dealer now. Will have to wait till tomorrow to find out if they’ll do it or not. They said they may have to charge me.

  4. Has anyone noticed if you get your speedometer/odometer recalibrate to your new tire size it reduces the ESP from going off? To my knowledge the ESP is triggered by speed and steering wheel angle and i got mine aligned well but my speedometer is off. The ESP goes off all the time, any off/on ramp or mtn road… I am also getting “can’t do that TSB” from Long Beach, CA dealers…

  5. Dealer said the flashed it and they didn’t charge me. I tried to disable it numerous times when I got home and can’t get it to work.

  6. the italian Jeep engineers, after seen my Jk, don’t want to change firmware. They think that the car is ok as is it, with this sensitive ESP…. this is absurd!!!

  7. my jeep has been at the dealership for two weeks and they have not had any luck with this tsb, but they said that there is alot of modified jeeps having this problem. Who would be crazy enough to put big tires and a lift on a jeep

  8. Took mine to the dealer twice for this issue and it’s still not fixed. They have flashed the brain with the new tie size, 33’s, as well as flashed it with this TSB.

    I too can not get the ESP to disable by following the instructions on the TSB paperwork. When trying to disable I turn the wheel 1/2 turn to the right and hold the ESP Off button for 7 seconds and then I hear the chime. I then turn it 1/2 turn to the left and hold the ESP Off button and I never hear a chime. In short I can’t get passed the first part of the described procedure to disable the ESP.

  9. I also cannot get the ESP to turn off..when I bought the Jeep I even asked the salesman if I could put bigger tires and/or lift kit..they said heck yeah, it is a Jeep! Now, here I am…mine has been in the shop fr a total of 47 days! They called me about the ESP, said they fixed it..nope! I am really frustrated with the ESP..why why why would they put this on a Jeep..I guess I will just pull the fuse…or trade it…but then I will lose my #$..I am stuck..I feel for all of you!

  10. my jeep has been at the dealership since jan 18 I have made 2 payments on it the 5″lift and 35″tires were installed by the dealership they offered me $20,000 for a $25,000 jeep i told them i would take pay off the said yes, and now the dont retun my calls i guess i will have to file the lemon law on them i dont want to be that person.

  11. my liberty has this problem 🙁 3″ lift new tires all that cash and what do i get? THATS RIGHT esp wont work rite! I was thinking the jk was more hardcore. i supose nothing is safe…… any idea what this cost us… the BUYER? i hope the ppl who had the brite idea of poking this in the jeeps are happy….. now were all mad and they are gonna kill an icon. THANKS

  12. i have 4 dr rubi with a 4″ lift, 35″ tires, and aftermarket control arms, and I have had no problems with sensitive esp. even tire pressure, and VERY careful measurement and adjustment of the suspension(track bars, control arms ect.) is essensial. Not to say that mechanics are not being thorough, but It seems they don’t realize how precise these systems are. I installed my own parts, made all adjustments, went extreme rock crawling that weekend, and came home to readjust everything. I abuse my jeep like a 20 year old farm truck, so if any problems were inherently there i feel I would have found it

  13. i have a 2008 wrangler x it had 225×75.16 i went to 31×10.50.15 with a.r.w. wheels now the jeep is all over the road any sugjestions thanx mike

  14. I’ve got a 3″ Teraflex lift and 35″ Hankooks. I’m having problems all of the sudden with the ESP when I’m off road in mud. Does anybody have advice on how to get this taken care of? Are the dealerships any help? What are the dealerships saying about warrantees?

  15. How fast are you driving in the mud? Because, depending on that, they are probably activating to help compensate for any sliding or slippage you might be experienceing. Otherwise, there is a button that will allow you to turn off the ESP.

  16. in reguards to the tsb 05-001-08
    myself my brother and a friend of ours all have 07 jk’s mine is still stock and their’s are lifted we have looked for months tring to find a solution to the esp problem with no luck dick hannah jeep dealer in vancouver WA charged my brother 150.00 bucks to “align” he steering wheel and said he would probly have to have a four wheel alignment to boot, and this would fix it. BS.
    we found this tsb last thursday and took it to the dealer who “couldn’t find it in they’re system.” so i called up my dealer who said “i think i remeber seeing that” took my jeep in for a recall flash on the abs module and requested the flash described in the tsb which i provided for them an hour later “they couldn’t find it in there system and will look into it” what a joke jeep has a known stability issue with modifide jk’s and noone knows anything about it.:( depressing to say the least. ive got a call into bosch (the esp module manufacturer) and chrysler fsa group noone has got back to me as of this post

  17. Do an internet search for disable ESP. I found a procedure that tells you how to wire in a switch to one wire under your console and when flipped it will disable the ESP. The warning will show on the dash but who cares.

  18. I have not had any esp problems in about 3 months i fixed the problem by selling the heap to some one else.

  19. Just had the TSB done – Jeep dealer was great and gave no hassles in doing it (Normandin Jeep, San Jose CA) other than that I have to disable it once reprogrammed due to liability. Anyone have issues with the disable procedure? Tried 3 times and can’t get it turned off. Ideas?

  20. can anyone tell me is 33×12.50×15 to big or will it drive funny 08 jeep wrangler 2.5 rough country lift. thanks mike

  21. you should be fine with 33’s but unless you get new wheels with less back spacing or install wheel spacers, the 12.50 width will give you some rubbing issues. also, depending on which 15″ wheel you go with, you might have problems with the brakes hitting them.

  22. wondering if anyone has found a sure fix for the ’08 jk (ESP) problem. I’m having all kinds of trouble with mine. I have a 5′ lift with 35’s. I notice it more when I’m turning at 25+mph. Anyway, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Kinda scary at times…..Almost wrecked out on interstate because of it. Asked my jeep dealer and they said they haven’t heard of such problems but inturn they installed my lift and a number of others that have the same problem…..Makes me want to sell but I like my jeep other than this problem………….

  23. Just to let all of you guys know. I have fixed the problem with my ’08 Jeep (ESP) problems. If you will go to your dealer and ask for a copy of the disable form from the factory you can do this yourself. Carefully follow all directions: Turn key on and start vehicle,let the chime go off. Keep in park, and shift into 4 H and make sure you hold the steering wheel 1/2 turn clockwise while holding the esp button for seven seconds. You will hear a chime.Let off the button. Then turn your steering wheel counterclockwise 1/2 turn hold wheel and button for 7 seconds let off of button and you will hear a chime, turn your steering wheel back to center with tires pointed straight and hold button for 7 seconds let off and you will hear a chime. It will read ESP OFF turn key to off position and put back into 2H and turn back on and your Esp will read ESPOFF for 12 seconds then your light on your dash will remain on untill you turn the ESP feature off again buy doing all of this over. I had to do this about 5 or 6 times before I got it right. I have had no problems with it activating since I have done this opperation. Hope it works for you. I’m now very excited to have a JEEP again after all of the PAIN of the ESP….Blessings.

  24. Here’s a simple mod that’ll allow you to fully disable ESP at the flick of a switch without any dealer intervention. ESP, BAS, TC and ABS is all controlled by one module; the DYNAMICS SENSOR. This sensor can be found in your centre console just infront of the rear cup holders on the driver’s side. First, unbolt the 4 screws that hold the centre console. Then locate the PURPLE/LIGHT BLUE wire. Be careful as there is a PURPLE/DARK BLUE wire right next to it and they look almost identical. I’d be checking twice, cutting once, here. To check if you cut the right wire, turn the ignition to ON and see if the ABS, TC and ESP/BAS lights come on and stay on after 10 seconds. If they do then you got the right wire. Next solder some longer wires from both ends of the cut wire, to reach a switch. Then attach the new longer wire ends to a simple ON/OFF switch anywhere in your vehicle.
    Please note: While operating the vehicle with safety features turned ON, and you flick the switch it WILL disable the safety features on the move. Unfortunately it will not work in reverse. You will have to turn OFF the vehicle, flick the switch and then start it again for the safety features to return. Hope this helps.

  25. By the way, the purple and light blue wire is from the plug-in connector to the Dynamics Module. Probably a good idea to activate and deactivate this function with the ignition off in case switch bounce causes any undesirable electrical spikes.

  26. Many of the posts on this are getting on the old side. Has anyone had a more recent experience with the dealerships being willing/unwilling to perform the TSB? I know they won’t actually disable the ESP, the TSB states the owner has to do that… Just curious because I’m nearing the point of installing a lift and I don’t want to create an ESP problem. Also, have many found the process of disabling the ESP difficult after the TSB has been performed? Thanks!

  27. I just had the Flash completed at my local dealer with no problems. I had to give the Service Bulletin number to the service manager who was more than happy to perform the Flash once he read and understood why the Flash needed performed. It was $85.00 to do the work and took right around 2 hours to get it done. I was able to get the key series to work and my ESP is now disabled.

  28. I have a new 4 door 2009 Jeep Wrangler that has a serious Electronic Stability Control problems. A sensor known as the “Dynamic Sensor” keeps telling the ABS/ESP module that the Jeep is entering a roll over while I’m on dry, level pavement causing the forward passenger brake to clamp down very tightly. I nearly died during the first episode while on the interstate. I captured the 2nd incident on two videos which are now being ignored by the NHTSA.GOV. The videos are posted below. Glad I had my camera along. I’ve subsequently learned that this system will soon be forced into all vehicles on US roads so this is not a Jeep specific problem.

    Dr Ed



  29. The Feb 26th post from Randy Crocker took care of mine. The instructions in the owners manual start the process differently not starting the vehicle. Stress on start the vehicle, put it in 4H, and then do the steering wheel turns pushing the button as directed. Light on the dash stays on but the braking action while turning has stopped.

  30. 2007 2 door after 2 inch OME lift and 35s my ESP kept coming on when not needed. I couldnt figure it out so thought it was just one of those things that happen after modifications. Annoying, but I could live with it.
    Recently I replaced my rear drive shaft with Tom Woods double cardon. Also adjustable rear upper control arms to set pinion angle. The improvement in ride and steering smoothness is amazing and I havent seen the ESP come on since.
    Dont know if this will help others problem, but it completely cured my ESP issue.


  32. 2008 jeep JK Sahara. 4 inch lift on 35’s. In shop for 7 weeks. They have replaced everything related to my problem they can think of. Throws no codes. Traction/abs kicks in on right hand curves in road and will push it into oncoming traffic.😳. They are turning off ABS today and try it again. Jeep really needs to fix these issues

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