Myths About Steering Stabilizers

Recently, I have been reading a lot of posts over on regarding steering stabilizers and I have to say that I find all the misinformation regarding them or the need for them to be quite troubling.  Here are some of the myths I’ve been hearing:

A new heavy duty steering stabilizer…

1. Is needed after installing a new lift and/or bigger tires
2. Will fix wandering or flighty steering
3. Will fix death wobble

For the record, IF you have your suspension/steering dial in correctly, a steering stabilizer isn’t really needed at all.  While one might act as a bandaid and help to hide or mask wandering or flighty steering or even help reduce death wobble, IT DOES NOT AND WILL NOT FIX ANYTHING.  Trust me, I have been running a factory steering stabilzer on my JK for over two years now and the last of which was while running 5.5″ of lift and 37’s.  In fact, I have been running without one at all for the last two weeks and even at speeds of 80 MPH and I can’t hardly tell that one isn’t installed.

Now, am I suggesting that you shouldn’t run a steering stabilizer?  Not at all and that is not the point of this article.  A steering stabilizer is NICE to have and something I would recommend that everyone uses as it will help to absorb bumpsteer.  However, it has been my experience that even with a set of heavy 37×13.50’s mounted on beadlocks, a factory unit is really all that you need.  Will a heavy duty unit help absorb bumpsteer more, of course it will, but that’s about all it will do.

So, why bring all this up you might ask?  Because I care about you guys and I just want to make sure that you take the time to address and FIX problems that you might be experiencing as opposed to masking or hiding them with a steering stabilizer.



  1. Just bought a 2016 2 door JK with stock 255/75R17’s. No lift. I am going to let my 16yo daughter drive it. Would an upgraded SS be of any benefit to her at hwy speeds…not 80mph, but 65mph? I am using my daughter driving it as the excuse to buy it (for me!).

  2. Thank you Eddie, I have just purchased a 2008 jk with 146000 ks on it .I also have read about ‘death wobbles” and it was always my suspicion it was to do with the set up, Having owned range rovers (5) and toyota’s (3) in the past and doing a lot of off road in rugged bush here in Australia. I was always of the mind to have the steering set up correctly no matter what rubber i was running. This jeep will be doing only mediocre off road stuff in comparison ie carting my Kayak to rivers etc . but thank you for putting my concerns at ease .great article Graham

  3. My 2014 JKU was doing fine until I messed up the steering stabilizer. Now I get the death wobble when above 30mph and turning hard or hitting a bump.

  4. Yea, a stabilizer is really not necessary unless you are off road more than your on the road,my ram came stock with on but it would follow the road so kept counter steering to keep it straight took it off and it was fine. Just a lot of fancy stuff but doesn’t do anything unless your running 44s.kinda like wearing a condom after your wife is already knocked up!

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