Due to the overwhelming traffic we saw and subsequent server crash we experienced over on during our last Giveaway, we will be conducting a “Stress Test” on Tuesday, April 29th with the intensions of pushing our current server setup to the limit.  By doing this, it is our hopes find any bugs in the system and/or make any needed upgrades to get it ready for the BIG Wild Boar Roof Rack System Giveaway that will occur on May 15th. Of course, in order to make this “Stress Test” successful, we will be needing your help.  Specifically, we will need you to be a registered member of, post (1) ONE response in the official thread and then be logged in on Tuesday, April 29th between the hours of 4:00-7:00 PM PST/7:00-10:00 PM EST.  Of course, to make this test worth your time, we will be giving away a Project-JK T-Shirt or Northridge4x4 Baseball Cap to 10 lucky members, picked at random and who are online to receive the prize during that time.  And, assuming our server does not crash, it is my hope that we will also be able to beat our ‘most users ever online’ record of 587 which was set during the last Giveaway.

Official STRESS TEST Swag Giveaway Thread

JK-FORUM.COM GIVEAWAY RULES: Manufacturers and vendors may not enter into this giveaway and will not be eligible to win. Only (1) ONE post per user will be allowed in the official giveaway entry thread and multiple posts will disqualify you from the drawing. The official winners of this Stress Test Giveaway will be selected on April 29th between the hours of 4:00-7:00 PM PST/7:00-10:00 PM EST, by random drawing and the winners MUST be online at the time of the drawing and present to accept their prize. If the winners are not present to accept the prize, a new winner will be selected. More information and details will be posted as they become available.

Thank you for your help and good luck to you all!!

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