TeraFlex Jeep JK Wrangler
Heavy Duty Adjustable Forged Front Track Bar

For those of you looking to upgrade your Jeep JK Wrangler’s stock front track bar with an adjustable one, TeraFlex has just released one that I think you’ll want to give a look.  Without a doubt, this new massive heavy duty forged adjustable track bar is designed to be the ultimate in front end strength, will eliminate any front end shimmy or handling issues and is designed to cycle through the full movement of suspension travel without interfering with other components (Please note that it is recommended that this track bar be used on a JK with 4? of lift, as it may cause some interference on a stock to a 3″ lifted JK) .  As stated by TeraFlex, “this Monster trackbar is 230% stronger than the factory trackbar”, requires NO bracketry changes and is a complete bolt on component that can be installed in about half an hour. 

Now, if you would like to order a TeraFlex Heavy Duty Adjustable Forged Front Track Bar for your Jeep JK Wrangler, the MSPR on it is only $199.99 and the part number for it is #1753419. Also, for those of you who already own a TeraFlex track bar and wish to upgrade to this Heavy Duty Adjustable Forged one, please give Joe Thompson in the TeraFlex Customer Service Department a call at: 801-288-2585 and request an RMA#.  From there, all you need to do is send in your old TeraFlex trackbar with the RMA number as well as $45 (includes the cost of return shipping to you) and TeraFlex will send you a new upgraded Heavy Duty Forged Front Trackbar.



  1. Is there concern with strength of the original adjustable front track bar that showed a need for this stronger configuration? Also, will one of both of these bars be better suited for use with the drop down bracket, when it becomes available? Great to hear about the reasonable upgrade cost!

  2. Ammon, I’m not 100% sure but I think all of them are – you just need to call it in.

    6th_jeep, not necessarily but once you get into the 37″ tire range or bigger, you do run the risk of bending things like your track bar. So far as I know, this track bar is designed specifically for Jeeps with 4″ of lift or more and will not need a relocation bracket.

  3. This is availble now, the drop bracket is only needed on JK’s running kits large than 4″. Contact TeraFlex directly if your doing a upgrade exchange.1-800-837-2359.

  4. why do some manufactures have a drop pitman arm included and some dont. 1. i am looking at the trailmaster 5″ kit, what is your opinion on them, they dont include a drop pitman arm. you say it is necessary over 4 inches. i am confused.

    thanks for the help


  5. well, i guess you can technically say that you don’t “need” one but without one and a trackbar relocation bracket to accompany it, at 4″ of lift or more, you will have issues with bump steer. however, i do need to stress that you NEED to install a track bar relocation bracket with a dropped pitman arm.

  6. I have an 07 wrangler rubicon 4 door. I put a 5 inch fabtech crawler long arm lift on it. I put acose adjustible spacers on it to level the front end. Also put on an acose adjustible trac bar the track bar flexes when turning the stering wheel. I have bump steer and driveline vibration. cant get drive line angles correctly when adjusting caster. installed a raised track bar bracket and a drop down pitman arm. the Acose track bar is a tube which allows it to flex

    How do I fix this problem? Do I need a heavy duty trac bar?

  7. you need to reduce the amount of caster you have – try setting it closer to stock which is about +4°. if you still have vibrations, try getting your drive shaft rebalanced. as far as bump steer goes, if you’ve relocated your track bar and dropped your pitman arm, you should not have bumpsteer. are you sure that is what you have?

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