PureJeep.comOf all the manufacturers out there working hard to create  products for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler, I would never have guessed that the first one to have finished developing some seriously hard core front end protection would be a new kid on the block.  Who exactly is this new kid? PureJeep.com.  And, from what I have seen with my own two eyes, they’re swinging for the fences!

Now, I know that posts like these are “worthless without pics” but rest assured, I am acquiring them now and hope to post a few in the next day or two.  We’re talking about a physically made and finished front bumper bolted onto an ACTUAL Jeep JK Wrangler!! 

Be sure to check back soon because you know I’ve got plenty more hot news coming your way.



  1. Well post a picture already 🙂 I am curious as to what this looks like. It will be great to actually see a bumper on the jeep.

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