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Full Traction JK Unlimited Rubicon 3

As promised, here’s a shot of Full Traction’s 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon 4-Door Unlimited sitting on top of their 3″ suspension lift, 35″ tires and sporting a PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Bumper.  Believe me, this is the real deal – no photo-chopping or jack stands here.  If you’re interested, I’ve got a couple more shots in the photo gallery now and I should be able to get a few more with different angles soon.

Full Traction 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon 4-Door Unlimited Pics



  1. Looks GREAT!!!! I just want to see one on 37’s like the new ads say. I have a 95 on 42″ IROK’s. Bring one up here with me so I can show my wife that I can replace mine with the new 4 door!

  2. At least from what I have been told, it’s close, but it doesn’t. Granted, these are 13.50 wide tires on a 15×8 with 3.75″ of back spacing. Change the tread width and wheel dimensions a bit and I’d be willing to bet that you’d clear the flares.


  3. I am looking for something like this for my 2007 jk x 2 door-RESCUE GREEN BABY!!. 2000$ and i want
    35 inch tires
    15 or 16 inch rims

    what do u recomend?

  4. I also have the 2 door wrangler x resue green hard top,my lift will be here next week and xenon flat fenders

  5. hi guys this is a great pic i have the same jk 07 im thinking on a upgrade on the full jeep but i need help i dont know nothing about suspension tires wheels bumpers. i would like a list of everything i need to get some heads turning on the streets and to be able to go offroad. my budget is around $4500 to $5000 please any expert HELP

  6. for your budget, i would recommend that you get a 3″-3.5″ lift and run them with 35″ tires. full traction has a nice premium plus kit that’ll get you to where you want to be.

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