JK-Forum iPhone App!!

As most of you know, JK-Forum.com is the ultimate Jeep JK Wrangler community on the web.  There, you will find all kinds of great information and discussions regarding existing and upcoming aftermarket products, troubleshooting tips, all kinds of awesome photos, ways to meet up with others in your area, trail ride information, answers to just about any question you might have and so much more.  And, with the all NEW JK-Forum.com iPhone, iPad and iTouch App, access to your favorite forum has just been made easier than ever before!!

Available for FREE, the new JK-Forum App will allow you to gain full access to all the great information that JK-Forum.com provides, start new threads, make posts, upload mulitple photos at a time and stay connected with other JK enthusiasts around the world with ease.  So, what are you waiting for, install this FREE App today and get involved with the ultimate Jeep JK Wrangler community right from the palm of your hand.

So, how do you get your JK-Forum app installed on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch?  Just follow the 4 simple steps listed below:

1. Tap the “App Store” icon on your iPhone
2. Do a search for the letters “jkf
3. Select “JK-Forum Jeep Wrangler Resource
4. Tap the “Install” button

After you install the JK-Forum app on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, we would be grateful if you could please help us to promote it by rating it.  We look forward to seeing you on JK-Forum.com!


  1. Appears to be a customized version of Tepatalk? If so, is there any advantage for those who already own/use Tepatalk? Obviously it’s free for those who don’t already own it… bonus.

  2. No, this app is not a customized version of Tapatalk, athough it looks somewhat similar. One of the main advantages that this app has over Tapatalk is the ability to post multiple attachments directly to the forum from your phone, rather than to a third party host 🙂

  3. When is it coming out for Verizon android phones? I don’t see it in the market even after I searched for it?

  4. Fantastic. I hated using tapatalk to access JKF. It never loaded new threads, and was a slow clunky app. This new app is perfect. Very text heavy which is great for those of us who use it from a non wifi zone. Cheers guys. Definitly my most used app other then the iPod function!

  5. Much easier to navigate the app. I used to check the site via Safari on my iphone and the print was so small. This is much easier to read and get to the forums. And if I want to, I can easily see the site the old way (as if I were on Safari). Great job guys!!

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