The Wait is Finally Over!! White Stone 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon UnlimitedI swear, there were times when I honestly thought that hell would freeze over before we got it, but, after waiting patiently for over six long months (okay, okay, maybe not so patiently but that’s beside the point), my wife and I were finally able to pickup our brand new 2007 White Stone Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimted from Don-A-Vee Jeep in Placentia, California and bring her home – YIPPIE!! Click on the link below to see a gallery of our very first pics: Jeep JK Wrangler Pics – Day 1

With out a doubt, make sure to get a good look at her now because I can guarantee you, she won’t look like this for much longer. 


Special Thanks: I’d really like to give Jeff Sladick of Don-A-Vee Jeep a BIG thanks for all his help.  If you’re in the market for a new Jeep, are in the SoCal area and would like to be helped by a real Jeeper and not just a salesman, be sure to give this guy a call.


  1. Great looking rig! Can’t wait to see what you do to it.

    How come it took SIX months to get to you!? I’m about to order one myself (X, not rubicon) but I am praying that it arrives in three months… is that realistic?


  2. Yeah, 3 months or less is very realistic now. I think mine took so long because early on, there was an issue with the Rubicon swaybar discos. Then, there was a problem with the balancing of the BFG M/T’s that come on it. Then, there was the hard top shortage problem for the Unlimited models. Need I say, each hicup along the way delayed things for me but none of them should apply to you 🙂


  3. Hey, Eddie I couldn’t wait any longer for my rubicon that was on order…because the local dealer got one in with all of the options that I requested…the only thing different was the color. It’s silver….not jeep green. Oh well, I got over it in about a tenth of a second! The silver looks awesome. I took delivery on Sunday and so far have just over 500 miles on it and am averaging just over 16mpg so far. The hard top was just put on last night, so no input to the leak factor as of yet. Now, I just have to wait for the suspension packages to come available. I hope you enjoy your new rubicon unlimited as much as I have mine! Vincent

  4. Hey Vincent, I’ve only been able to put on about 80 miles on it so far (75 of it was all me too) but I’ve been loving every minute of it. Congradulations on your new JK as well!


  5. Thanks A-squared!

    dhoffroad, I will be modifying the Jeep-JK link above to include a complete description of what I have planned soon. How about you, what are your plans?


  6. that’s my new prob. now that I have finally have my JK (like you) it’s the availability of the lifts that is holding me up. I’m set on getting a 3 – 3.5″ kit WITH adjustable arms so I can set it up the way I want from the start but it seems that the kits that are have adjustable arms are’nt actualy shipping right now. I would just get a 3″ kit and get the arms later but I want to get everything set up the way I want it from the start not just get by untill something better comes allong. once things start happening for me I’ll be sure to post up some over on a good note I’ll be putting exaust on it tomarrow hopefully I can get something posted up on that either tomarrow night or the next day hopefully even a sound bite or two….

  7. I was looking into the RE 3.5 kit since I get a good price on RE stuff since were a RE dealer. but then when they told me they would’nt be ready for arround a month I started looking back into the FT kit but according to one of our sponsers it seems that FT is’nt shipping there 3″ ultimate flex kit yet ? I don’t know I’m still up in the air the main reasone I’m leaning toward the RE kit is because for one were a dealer for them and for two beaing a dealer we get a prety good price for them…but I realy don’t want to wait so we’ll see…as for exaust well I got it done today I went with a Magnaflow oval muffler relocated beside the fule tank and on the driver side, I’m real happy with how it turned out! tomarrow I’ll take some pics an stuff and post up over on the forum.

  8. I’m sure you’re just as excited as me to get your new JK; I just got mine last week. Just waiting to put the Teraflex 4″ with 1″ body lift, tube fenders, front and rear bumper, new axle inners and of course my 37″ MTRs on 15″ beadlocks! Can’t wait to see what PSC has coming also!

  9. Love the site, and the JK Eddie. Here in Australia, the JK is being released mid March. We are are one of the markets that will get a 2.8l turbo diesel option too. I’ll be ordering a 4 door dual top auto diesel Rubi (Rubis have never been available in Australia before). It’s a little while since I sold my TJ, so I’m itching to get back behind a Wrangler wheel. I look forward to watching you build your JK up.


  10. you guys are lucky over here in Perth western Australia the JK has just arrived but we have no bars or lift kits in stock at least I only had to wait 6 weeks for my jk unlimited jeep looks like im going to have to wait 4 months for the bar work to arrive from the US .. any coments on PRO COMP wheels and tires as thats all I can get over here and have orded pro comp 6001 16×8 wheels not sure which tires to put on them yet as thats 3 weeks away before I get the wheels
    Love your jeep wish I had more money to do what you have done but I cant complain too much as I managed to keep my 2004 TJ for a spare and they look very nice together in the garage.

    jeep fan from OZ

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