Dynatrac Now Accepting Pre-Orders
for the ProRock 80

The ProRock80 has been released and we’re accepting orders. We’re VERY happy with the response so far.

One of the major problems facing JKU owners is vehicle weight. These rigs get heavy fast. More and more owners are going to full floating axles to better support the weight of their rigs. At the same time, tire sizes are getting larger and, combined with a heavy vehicle weight, the rigs are moving beyond the durability of a HP 60 gear set. This is why the PR80 might be the right option for your JK.

The PR80 11.25″ ring gear and low pinion design make this gear set roughly twice as strong as a HP 60 gear set. Combine this with 40 spline competition 4340 full floating axle shafts and you’ve got a combination that can withstand huge tires, a hot motor and a heavy rig. Much of the initial concern we heard was about weight. The PR80 assembly only weighs about 40# more than a FF PR60 so weight isn’t a concern. The ProRock80 housing is build like our other ProRock models- sleek and smooth to allow the best possible ground clearance but yet more rigid than a standard housing to maintain proper gear mesh in all conditions. The ground clearance is just shy of an inch less than our PR60.

The ProRock80 will be a good choice for guys running big tires, hot motors and heavy rigs. The aggressive wheeler will find this axle stronger than anything else available. The price isn’t that much different than a FF JK ProRock60. In fact, the price is less than $1,000 more. No, this axle isn’t for everyone but if your mantra is ‘Go big or go home’, this might be the perfect axle for you.

For more information about the ProRock 80 or other Dynatrac products, visist www.dynatrac.com

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