Building a Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Front Axle

When you need to have absolute confidence in the quality of your axles and performance you expect them to deliver on the trail, no other company can give you this assurance other than Dynatrac and with their Pro Rock 60.  Made 100% here in the United States, the Pro Rock 60 has been engineered entirely with new off the shelf components that are designed to work flawlessly together and without the need to use recycled, refurbished or salvaged parts from older used axles.  Of course, the Pro Rock 60 is also the only axle with a profiled differential that offers well over an inch of ground clearance.  And, to top it off, Dynatrac is the only company that I know of that offers a “no-fault” warranty so long as you properly service and maintain your axles.

Needless to say, when it came time for us to upgrade the front axle in our Jeep JK Wrangler, there was no question what axle we would be getting.  And, fortunately for us, Dynatrac was kind enough to invite us down to their manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, CA and watch the expert building of our Pro Rock 60 front axle from start to finish and after watching this short video, you’ll get to see why you will want one too!

VIDEO: Building a Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Front Axle

• 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
• Most ground clearance of any housing that uses an 8.5? diameter or larger ring gear
• More ground clearance than a Dana 44
• Unmatched housing rigidity to keep gears in proper mesh under extreme loads and big tires
• Best pinion angle and wheel alignment for most lifts
• Proprietary, in-house developed forgings, housings, spindles, knuckles, etc.
• CAD designed and CNC cut brackets expertly welded for precise fit every time
• All new JK design on ProRock 60® platform that is still the benchmark for all other Hi-Pinion Dana 60
• Exclusive Dynatrac JK ABS and Stability Control compatibility
• Quality installed components from Timken, Warn, Precision Gear,
• ARB, and Detroit Locker
• 1-Year, unlimited mileage, “no fault?, written warranty – Real warranty not empty promises

• ProRock 60™ High-Clearance Nodular Iron Housing
• HD 35-spline, 1.5? induction hardened alloy steel inner and outer axle shafts (uses 1480 axle joint)
• ARB Air-Locker or Detroit Locker
• Dynatrac Pro 60 knuckle, Pro 60 wheel hub and Chromoly fixed spindle package
• Upgraded disc brake assembly
• DynaLoc Super-Strength Locking Hubs
• Choice of ring and pinion ratio
• Choice of input yokes
• Dual-Sump/Hi-Volume Oil System
• Dynatrac Pro Series, rock-proof differential cover

If you would like to see a ton of photos that were taken during the building of our Pro Rock 60, simply click on the link below:

Building a Dyantrac Pro Rock 60 Photo Gallery

And, if you would like to see some pics of us hammerning on our Pro Rock 60, here’s a link to some shots of us doing our running our 9 trails in 6 weeks endurance test:

Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Endurance Test Photos

For more information about the Pro Rock 60 or how you can get your hands on one of these bad boys, come visit the Dynatrac website at or give them a call at 714.596.4461.


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