Odyssey Extreme Series Battery PC1220
for 2012-Up Jeep JK Wranglers

In 2012, Chrysler decided to switch out the standard Group 34 battery they had been using since 2007 and replaced it with a Group 91. For the most part, this would be no big deal as they are pretty much the same thing but, there is one key difference that makes it difficult to use a Group 34 and, that is the terminals are on opposite sides. Because the power and ground leads are cut to such an exact length, you can’t simply cross them over and call it a day. Of course, to complicate things even more, a Group 91 battery isn’t really a common size and certainly not one you can find easily in a deep cycle format or, at least not until now.

As luck would have it, Odyssey offers an Extreme Series Battery PC1220 which is offered in a Group 48 size (a Group 91 equivalent) is really the best battery you can get bar none. In this write-up, you get to see just how east it is to install one in your 2012 or newer JK.

Odyssey Extreme Series Battery PC1220 for 2012-Up Jeep JK Wranglers


  1. I haven’t heard much discussion on Optima batteries. How does their deep cycle battery compare? Especially since its have the price.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Optimas are half the price because they are half the battery. We ran Optimas for years and had nothing but problems with them. If you ever took them down low, they would never come back. Optima has special instructions on how you need to charge them but even at that, it’s been a hit and miss for us. I would not recommend them.

  3. Look at the Sears Platinium series. They are rebadged Odyssey batteries. And have a better warranty and are about $90 cheaper. Plus the Sears clerk will not be asking if you have a high$ Odysset charger. Like Odyssey will. It’s required as part of their warranty. Read the fine print;). I have three Odyssey batteries in my flats skiff. Lost one after 6 years. The others are going strong. And they get abused hard-sit for months,charged,run till dumped,repeat. I can kill a battery quick. These have taken it better than any others.

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