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NEW from Mountain Off-Road Enterprises
JK Dual Battery Tray & JK Dead Pedal

February 22, 2009 wayoflife 9

The Mountain Off-Road Enterprises (M.O.R.E.) Dual Battery Tray for ’07 and newer Jeep JK Wrangler. Do you need more power since you have added a winch, lighting and other electrical demanding accessories? Never worry about a dead battery out on the trail with our new Dual Battery tray which will accommodate 2 Optima series 34 and 34/78 or the OEM batteries side by side in the stock location. This easy ‘Bolt-In’ kit bolts directly into existing holes (No Drilling Required), comes powder coated black and retains OEM air filter box. This kit does not include wiring or batteries.

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NEW Hypertech Application Release!!

February 12, 2009 wayoflife 0

Hypertech has now added support to the Max Energy and Econ programmers for the 2009 JEEP WRANGLER, DODGE CARAVAN, AND CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 3.8L. Updates are available for existing inventory via the Hypertech Tuner Update Software!

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JKS Jeep JK Wrangler Adjustable Rear Spring Mounts

February 12, 2009 wayoflife 6

Until recently, correcting rear spring mount alignment on vehicles equipped with a CV driveshaft has been a difficult challenge for JK owners. Fortunately, JKS Manufacturing now offers a solution to this problem that is both simple and affordable. Adjustable Spring Mounts install directly in place of the factory lower coil mounts on the rear axle housing. The folded, heavy-gauge steel brackets form extremely strong mounting pads that are easily adjusted to match the angle of the upper spring mounts. As a result, the coil springs are able to function as originally intended and interference with the rear track bar is eliminated.

Jeep JK Wrangler Factory Fender Chop

February 11, 2009 Cindy 59
Even after installing a tall suspension lift, fender rub is a common problem that many Jeep owners suffer from especially if you’re running wide tires and/or have wheels with very little backspacing. Now, the easy answer to fixing this problem would be to install taller bump stop extensions, add more suspension lift or maybe install a body lift. However, by going higher, you also raise your Jeep’s center of gravity and that isn’t going to do a whole lot to help you out on the trail. So, what is one to do? I say, chop your fenders!
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Performance Accessories Jeep JK Wrangler
4″ Premium Lift System

February 10, 2009 wayoflife 3

If you’re looking for a economical way to raise your Jeep JK Wrangler so that you can run 35″ tires, a Performance Accessories 4″ Premium Lift System is what you’ll want. Designed for 2-door and 4-door JK’s with an automatic transmission, this easy to install body lift kit comes with everything you need to give you the clearance you need and without having to do any alterations to your factory suspension system.

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395 Above & Below – Project-JK Reward Mine & Funnel Lake Trail Run

February 6, 2009 wayoflife 5

395 Above & Below is a short video that WOLette put together that highlighs an end of summer excursion we did up the Ownes Valley along Highway 395. Along the way, we drove our Jeep JK Wrangler over a quarter mile down into the depths of the Reward Mine, we spent some time visiting the Manzanar Japaneese Internment Camp and then made our way up to the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where we set up camp over at the small but beautiful Funnel Lake. While we were there, we took our JK’s up and over 11,000 feet to do some exploring along the baren spine of Coyote Ridge and to take in the outstanding views beyond.

Jeep JK Wrangler Maintenance
Emergency/Parking Hand Brake Adjustment

February 6, 2009 Cindy 43
Are you finding that you are having to pull up on your Jeep JK Wrangler’s emergency/parking hand brake higher and higher in order to get it to work? Or, are you finding that even after pulling it up as high as you can, your JK still tends to roll on an incline? Unfortuantely, it is not uncommon for your JK’s e-brake to lose its effectiveness over time but fortunately, there is a way to make adjustments to it with simple tools and with relative ease.
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NEW From Crocker Off Road Performance!!

February 3, 2009 wayoflife 2

For those of you who saw the awesome Crocker Off Road Performance Dual Gauge Pods on their Orange Crush JK at SEAM 2008 and were dying to get your hands on one, I think you’ll be happy to know that they are NOW AVAILABLE!! These hand laid carbon fiber Dual Gauge Pods are designed to be installed with ease and snap into the existing windsheild pillar using the stock clips – no drilling or tape is required. Gauge Pods fit all 2″ gauges, are in stock now and ready to ship for only $199.00 plus shipping.

TeraFlex Jeep JK Wrangler
4″ Flex Arm Lift Installation Write-Up

February 2, 2009 Cindy 33
Contrary to what many seem to think, if you want to get your Jeep JK Wrangler up on a set of 37" tires, you DO NOT need to install a long arm suspension lift kit. Unlike the TJ Wrangler before, the factory length JK control arms are more than long enough to handle the lift you will need to clear 37’s and do it without compromising the quality of your ride. And, if you’re looking for a good short arm lift kit that’ll get you to where you need to be and without the need for anything else, you’re going to want to get a TeraFlex JK 4" Flex Arm Lift.