Cindy’s Birthday Run 2014
Part 2 : Titus Canyon to Marietta

January 30, 2014 wayoflife 0

This second part covers the remainder of our trip and highlights our time spent in Death Valley starting with a trip down Titus Canyon, a visit to Ubehebe Crater and Crankshaft Crossing before crossing into the Nevada state line for drinks at the Goldpoint Saloon. From there, we made a stop over at a cool car forest, stayed a night at the historic and haunted Mizpah Hotel and then spent some time exploring old ghost towns such as Candelaria and Marietta before saying our goodbyes and heading home.

Cindy’s Birthday Run 2014
Part 1 : Isham Canyon

January 29, 2014 wayoflife 1

Last weekend was Cindy’s birthday and to celebrate it, we decided to go on a 3 day, 400+ mile run starting from Trona, CA and ending near Montgomery Pass, NV. Along for the ride were our good friends Doug, Moochie, Don, Ray, Tony and Stephanie and together, we would do a run up Ishim Canyon, work our way across Death Valley, cut our way down Titus Canyon, head up to Crankshaft Crossing with a quick stop over at Ubehebe Crater, have a few drinks over at Goldpoint, meander our way through a car forest, stay the night at the Historic Mizpah Hotel, explore the old ghost town of Candelaria and then finished our adventures out in the Teels Marsh and ghost town of Marietta.

2014 WAYALIFE Kick-Off Run Highlights

January 19, 2014 wayoflife 1

There are few ways I can think of to kick off a new year than to head out into the Mojave Desert with all our good friends here on WAYALIFE! Although we did do this a week later than we had hoped, our first group run for 2014 would be one out to an area known as Crucero.

Prospecting for Mojave Gold… FISH!

January 16, 2014 wayoflife 1

Last weekend, we got lucky and were able to get out to Barstow a bit earlier than we had expected and, decided to use the extra time to do a little prospecting out in the Mojave Desert. While our quest was to find gold, it would be more of the aquatic variety than precious metal that we would be looking for.

Diggin-In at the 72nd Annual Gem-O-Rama

October 14, 2013 wayoflife 0

About 5 years ago, Cindy and I were watching a show on the Discovery Channel called Dirty Jobs and, in one particular episode, the host Mike Rowe went out to Trona, CA to help setup the annual Gem-O-Rama show put on by the Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society.

Back Way to Crown King

October 3, 2013 wayoflife 0

After finishing up the Ultra 4 Championship Race out in Congress, AZ, Mel asked Greg, Cindy and I to join he and his family on a run up to Crown King.

WAYALIFE Rubicon Run 2013

August 21, 2013 wayoflife 0

The Rubicon is a trail that Cindy and I typically run several times a year starting from the end of June and ending as late as October and, we typically try to keep our group size to about 10 rigs or fewer.

Seven Troughs Nevada

July 28, 2013 wayoflife 0

Back in the middle of July, Cindy and I decided to make a trip to explore what is left of this remote and relatively well preserved mining district. From there, we headed north to a major cross road in the Emigrant Trail known as Rabbithole Springs before making our way east back to civilization. I hope you enjoy.

Black Rock Desert Nevada

July 5, 2013 wayoflife 1

Far in the northwest corner of Nevada, there’s a remote stretch of desert that hasn’t seen a whole lot of change since early emigrants started crossing it on the Applegate Trail back in the 1800’s and really, long before that as well.

Journey Home from the 2013 Overland Expo

May 22, 2013 wayoflife 0

On our way home from the 2013 Overland Expo, we decided to take a round about way back to California and do a little overlanding ourselves. Heading south to Gila Bend and then west on Interstate 8, our first detour along the way would be over to an area known as Oatman Flats.

Smiley Rock Trail – Jerome, AZ

May 21, 2013 wayoflife 0

Before heading back to California from our fun at the 2013 Overland Expo, we decided to do one last run up the Smiley Rock Trail which is located up near the old mining town of Jerome and, good portions of it are a part of the historic, Great Western Trail.

Broken Arrow Trail – Sedona, AZ

May 20, 2013 wayoflife 0

After spending the better part of the day at the 2013 Overland Expo, we decided to head down to Sedona and run the Broken Arrow Trail with some of the new WAYALIFE friends that we met at the show.

BY PERMIT ONLY: Devil’s Canyon Trail Run 2013

April 29, 2013 wayoflife 0

Years ago, I had heard of a short but badass trail down by the Mexican border called Devil’s Canyon that used to be a part of the original stage route that connected San Diego to Yuma. From what I had read, it was established back in the mid 1800’s, improved upon in the early 1900’s to help accommodate the first automobiles but, was soon abandoned after the completion of U.S. Highway 80. This trail did see some use again during the construction of Interstate 8 back in the 1960’s but a major storm in the 1970’s would all but erase it from history.

Defense Mine Cummings Cutoff Trail Run

April 23, 2013 wayoflife 0

Our first trail run since getting back from Moab was one that took us out into the Panamint Valley, up the Argus Range and to an old tungsten mine know as the Defense Mine. The trail is relatively short and for the most part easy to moderate but, if you take on Zero Fall and the Cummings Cutoff as we had, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Unfortunately, we no longer have our son helping out with photos and, being that we spent most of our time filming, we only have a few photos to share. I do know there were others taking photos as well and it is my hope that they post up a few here as well.

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