2016 WAYALIFE New Year Kick Off Run
Photo Highlights

As we have done for as long as I can remember, Cindy and I made our way down to the Mojave Desert to kick off the New Year with good friends both old and new and out on the trail. For 2016, we decided to revisit a part of the Mojave that we hadn’t been out to in a few years and it is known as, the Black Mountain Wilderness. Along the way, we made our way up through a historical stage route where travelers back in the late 1800’s left their signature along side petroglyphs that are thousands of years old. We also visited caves that were once inhabited by Native Americans and dug for fire opals at an old mine that was once owned by the Tiffany Corporation. Of course, to wrap things up, we drove out to the middle of an ancient dry lake to pose for a group shot and to have some fun racing our Jeeps around it. Click on the link below to see some photo highlights of all the fun we had, I hope you enjoy them.

2016 WAYALIFE New Year Kick Off Run Photo Highlights

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