Summer Kick-Off – Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Memorial Day weekend has always marked the beginning of summer for us and once again, this year was celebrated with a camping trip up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. However, unlike the previous 3 years which were more of a winter finale than anything, the weather was absolutely perfect this time around and we spent our time relaxing, exploring, partying and enjoying the company of good friends. Click on the link below to see pics from our trip – I hope you enjoy.

Summer Kick-Off – Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Photo Essay


  1. Where is this in the Sierra’s? I know telling me might be akin to giving up a favorite hunting/fishing spot but my dad and my brother and I have been camping in the eastern sierra’s every year now for 15-16 years. Since I now have a 4×4 the areas we can go have opened up immensely and I am always looking for new places to wheel and camp.

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