Slickrock Trail Run 2012

Slickrock is one of the few trails up in the Tahoe area that we try to run at least once a year. Without a doubt, it’s one of the prettiest trails around, has just enough obstacles to give even a built up Jeep a challenge, is short enough that you can do it as a day run and has wonderful camping areas that make it a great overnighter as well. A couple of weeks back, our good friends Moochie, Dave and Laura were all up in the area and, as you can guess, we decided to take them out for a run on this trail. As luck would have it, our friend Mike was back from his trip to Hawaii and was eager to join in on the fun and we were even joined by our new friend Danny who showed up in his badass WJ. Here are some pics from our trip, I hope you enjoy.

Slickrock Trail Run 2012 Photos

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