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The Beautiful Sierra Buttes

Thanks to the crazy amount of snow covering the better part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains well into the middle of July, many of the runs we had hoped to do this summer ended up getting changed, postponed or canceled altogether. In fact, one of the last runs we had planned to do while still up in the Tahoe area was a trip up to Snake Lake with our good friends Brian and Diane. Unfortunately, enormous snow drifts blocked our way just a bit past Gold Lake and, like so many times before this summer, we had to change our plans and go somewhere else. Needless to say, we decided to head up to the beautiful Sierra Buttes fire lookout tower.  To see some pics from our trip, simply click on the link below:

Sierra Buttes Run 2011 Photo Essay

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  1. I tried to run the Gold Valley trail this weekend and there is still a ton of snow up there, even in August. Should have gone up to the Buttes instead!

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