Project-JK Deer Valley Trail Video

Check it out boys and girls, Project-JK has just finished our latest video highlighting our recent run up the Deer Valley Trail. And, if you wanna see it, all you need to do is click on the link below or on the banner above:

Project-JK Deer Valley Trail Video

Just so you know, the video is about three and a half minutes long and you will need Windows Media Player installed on your computer in order to view it. Also, I should point out that all the filming and editing was done by our very own Cindy (wayoflifette) and if you enjoy what you see, please be sure to let her know how much you appreciate all her hard work. With any luck, maybe we can get her to do more.


P.S. This video is now available on YouTube as well and can be see here:  

And, if you like what you see, we’d be greatful if you could help us out by giving us a vote – thanks!


  1. Hey a-squared, I’ll see what I can do to accomodate your request.

    Hey oldbob,
    We’re glad to hear you like the video and enough so that you would actually want it on DVD. Let us work on a few more first and then we will try to make a complete set available for anyone who might be intersted getting one.


  2. That would be excellent! I thought the music selection, arrangement, and editing were spot-on (kudos to Cindy!). If this doesn’t get your blood pumping and make you jones for some wheeling, nuth’n will.

    BTW, just curious (since it was your article as well as our circumstances, that helped me decide to choose the Teraflex 2.5 BB with stock shocks)… but did you change out the TFlx 2.5 for a premium FullTraction 3″? I notice that you’re sport’n the FT winshield decal and your shocks aren’t ‘red’ anymore (plus a few other ‘silver’ pieces underneath?). Also, you’ve added the IPF OR lamps and taken off the rear Gerry Can rack… is this the same JK with changes or am I confusing different rigs?

    Brt Slvr JK Unltd Rubi

  3. Really enjoyed this video. The video was nicely matched to the music and the wheeling up there looks like a lot of fun. Tell wayoflifette that she did a great job. Thanks!

  4. Thanks oldbob, we really appreciate the compliment and are glad to know it did what we set out to do… get you to want to go wheelin. Regarding our JK, yes, we have made a few changes and are now running a Full Traction 3″ Ultimate Lift and PUREJEEP bumpers as opposed to the 2.5″ TeraFlex BB and LoD bumpers. As far as our lil’ Tessa goes, she’s all ours 🙂

    Hey Rich, we’re glad that you liked the video and wayoflifette is flattered by your compliment. Just so you know, we have 2 more videos in the works and will be sure to do one for every run we do from here on out.


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