Odessa Canyon Trail Run Video – “A 5-SCREAM Run!!!”

Our latest YouTube video addition highlights a trail run that we did up Odessa Canyon back in September and as our good friend Jennifer (aka – toad) can be quoted as saying, it truly was “a 5-SCREAM run!” As you’ll see, this trail required a lot of low range work as well as a fair amount of winching and strapping in order for us to climb up and over the myriad of boulders and dry falls we encountered along the way and if you would like to watch this exciting video now, simply click on the screen or link below:

Odessa Canyon Trail Run YouTube Video

If you’re new to Project-JK and would like read all about our run up the Odessa Canyon Trail and/or would like to see tons of pics from it, simply click on the following link to read the article I wrote about it back on September 25, 2007: Odessa Canyon Trail Run 2007



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