Florence Junction Arizona Weekend of Wheeling

Last weekend, our good friends Greg and Dave of Powerline Patrol invited Mel, Cindy and I out to Arizona to run a few of the trails out in the Florence Junction area. To be exact, we ended up running a total of 7 beautiful and epic trails including Box Canyon, the Martinez Mine Loop, Jack Handle, Orville‚Äôs Loop, the infamous Axel Alley, Upper Woodpecker and a better part of Highway to Hell before Mel’s steering pump quit on him and forced us to bail out. Now, we’ve always heard all kinds of stories about how tough the trails are out in this area and I gotta tell you, they’re all true. This area is surprisingly lush with vegetation, filled with all kinds of history and has some of the most challenging trails I’ve ever taken on and with razor sharp rocks to boot. If you would like to see pics from our epic trip, simply click on the link below:

Florence Junction Arizona Weekend of Wheeling

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  1. It would have been awesome if Phoenix [JK]s could have had a meetup while you guys were in town. Looks like you guys had a great time here in AZ =)

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