Bronco Canyon Monday Fun Day Run

Ahhh – gotta love Monday’s!! I mean, what better way to kick off the work week then to get back in the office and get right to work. Of course, when your office is a local trail and your desk is your Jeep, who can complain, right? Fortunately, Cindy and I were able to get our good friend MTG to join us for our Monday Fun Day Run and the trail we got to play on was Bronco Canyon. Located just east of Reno, we started our run off I-80 so that we could work our way up the canyon and make a few stops along the way including one to the historic Choppa Ranch and the Lagomarsino Petroglyph site. From there, we took on the boulders strewn trail and ending our day in Virginia City. Here are some pics from our day at work, I hope you enjoy.

Bronco Canyon Monday Fun Day Run

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