ARROW QUEST : The Search for Transcontinental
Airway Beacons [Teaser]

Back before the invention of GPS, radar or even rudimentary radio communication, there were brave pilots who flew across vast empty stretches of America using only a system of brightly painted concrete arrows and lights on top of towers to guide their way. These markers were established back in the 1920’s by the United States Post Office and Department of Commerce and became known as the Transcontinental Airway Beacon System.

Ever since Cindy and I first heard about these concrete arrows, we have spent have spent countless hours looking for and documenting as many of them as we can find. And, being that so many of them are located in the State of Nevada, we have chosen to highlight them in our very first episode of, Nevada Silver Lining – a new show we’re working on that showcases all the cool places you can visit here in this amazing state. In this short trailer, you’ll get a taste of what you can expect to see. We hope you enjoy.

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