Journey Home from the 2013 Overland Expo

On our way home from the 2013 Overland Expo, we decided to take a round about way back to California and do a little overlanding ourselves. Heading south to Gila Bend and then west on Interstate 8, our first detour along the way would be over to an area known as Oatman Flats. Here, we would spend some time exploring the remnants of the old Butterfield Stage Route, the old Fourr’s Cemetery, the grave site of the family that the flats got it’s name from as well as the massacre site that got them buried there. The following morning and final leg of the trip, we passed by the small town of Felicity (aka, the “center of the world”) and checked out the old plank road out in the Imperial Sand Dunes. Click on the link below to see a few pics from our trip, I hope you enjoy.

Oatman Massacre Site & Imperial Sand Dunes Old Plank Road Photos

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