2018 WAYALIFE New Year’s Kick Off Run

For more years than I can remember, Cindy and I have been kicking off a new year of wheeling by heading out to the Mojave Desert, during the first weekend of January and do so with old friends and new alike. This year, we decided to change things up a bit and did so by taking our friends out to a different part of the Mojave and just for fun, throw in a few optional rocks to play on. Along the way, we would get to see some of the oldest living anything on the face of the planet, stand in the center of an old WWII bombing target, ponder the mystery of a 50′ concrete boat in the middle of a desert and try to decipher the cryptic writings left behind by people who lived in the area, a long time ago. Click on the link below to see highlight photos from all the cool stuff we saw and all the fun we had on the 2018 WAYALIFE New Year’s Kick Off Run – we hope you enjoy.

2018 WAYALIFE New Year’s Kick Off Run

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