2014 WAYALIFE Rockin Rubicon Run

I know it’s been over 2 weeks since we did this run and for that, I must apologize for not getting pics of it up sooner. As some of you know, Cindy and I literally got home, helped get everyones tops and doors back on, wished them a safe trip home, did some laundry, washed Moby, changed his oil, mowed the lawn, caught up on some bills and then headed out for another 2,500+ journey across multiple states. After we got back last week, we headed strait up to Tahoe again and have been doing what we can to wind down. Anyway, this literally has been the first chance I’ve had to work on posting these up and I hope you enjoy them. Please note that due to the significant size of our group, I was only able to get shots of those immediately behind me and hope you can be understanding.

Having said all that, here are shots from the 2014 WAYALIFE Rockin Rubicon Run:

2014 WAYALIFE Rockin Rubicon Run

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